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  1. I'm planning to use fox farms after the seedling is about a week or two and then use Dr Earth's dry amendments but I have a few questions.. what should I use to start my seedling in? And I hear to put a bit of peat moss between the seedling and the fox farms is that true ? Also does fox farms need more worm castings they said use that and perlite which I'm fine with just don't want to burn my plants since I hear fox farms ocean forest is hot.. so I'm thinking about using 4 gallon pots on some autos from fast buds. Just need some tips. Will I need anything else? How and when to transplant into the fox farms , do I need any more fertilizers other than the Dr Earth's just any information on how to go about the actual potting and tending to the plants please thank you! Tell me a couple of your favorite strains I'm thinking about using The vault and getting some Banana Purple Punchauto some OG Kush auto and fast buds hooks u up with like 3 Gorilla Cookies autos for using around $90 dollars which I was gonna buy but thanks to the free seeds I won't have to lol

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  2. Read the first few pages of the following link. Then ask your questions on that thread. You will get help from folks that have specific knowledge of growing auto-flowers there.

    Automatics make good Organic sinse
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