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A few pics...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Nothin' spectacular, just a little pocket camera. Thought I'd share some pics....a rose from my rose bush.

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  2. My cat, Tom-ass...

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  3. My hampster!!! hahahaha

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  4. Here's one of the little ol' 'stang I just bought.........

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  5. Yeah, guess I shoulda stuck a fat one in my cats mouth!
  6. haha fo realz homie!

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  7. Ta-da!

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  8. HAHAHA thats bad ass bro ! your kitty is da shit!
  9. holy shit thats fake right.... lol im to stoned to know haha
  10. Hahaha, that cat pictures excellent!
  11. what yr stang is that ? hows it runnin ?
  12. I bet stonie is stoned as well!

    The tang looks like it was hotboxed!
  13. What trim is that h/b fox body?

  14. She be '84. Don't run too bad. My oldest son will be drivin' soon, so I bought it with him in mind. If he don't staighten his shit up he'll just be watchin' me drive it!!

    And yes of course I'm stoned BH!! You're so silly!!

    The cat....he's a freak!! He follows me all over the yard every time I go outside. He slobbers all over me if I hold him!! He meows real loud at me if I'm ignoring him.....he's just wierd!!

    And here's the last one of the night!!!

    O yea - BH "The tang looks like it was hotboxed!" You mean (s)tang, right? What did you mean by hotboxed? I know I've heard that term before. Usually simebody was doin it to a cig or a joint!

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  15. That bong has had to much smoke.. Don't let it drive the Tang!!

    Hotboxed = smoked out = smoking with windows up till you are about to pass out from all smoke and no oxygen!!!!!

    tang is what ass-tro-nouts drink......doh!

    Dirty D. thats what killed the nouts!!! It was mixed with vadka!
  16. dude, I still cant get off that cat picture, badd ass !
  17. Here's one I took at work. Five-O hard at it. Shakin down these treacherous college kids who are traveling around selling watches and such.
  18. (ooops)

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