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  1. I'm planning on growing maybe one or two plants over the next few months and I was just wondering what the charges would be if I was caught, I'm currently living and will be growing in the uk.
  2. As far as I know it is illeagal to grow in the UK. Every country is different with the pealties and depends what purpose you are growing and the amount you pocess
    Keep your grow stealth from others and if it really bothers you don't grow....
  3. ^ All good advice.

    I would add that typically the punishment for growing scales with the number of plants. A few plants (in my state up to 6) can be claimed as personal use, but many plants (you would have trouble arguing that you need 15 plants for personal use) will typically result in a more significant penalty for intent to distribute.

    Also, Google is your friend when it comes to finding out what your local laws are without talking to officials who might want to ask questions you'd rather not answer.
  4. Your going to get charged no matter what, but the penalty for personell use is less than if you intend to sell. If you have all your pot in a brown paper bag it could be considerded personell use. If you have your pot bagged up in exact amounts etc, have scales etc you will have a hard time convincing a court your intent was not to sell..
    Keep it stealth and never utter a word to the law if questioned even if they say it will help you in court. Exercise your rights and talk to only your attorney.
  5. Some jackass got nailed on I-80 not far from my home with 184 rooted clones in his car. Yes 184, not the smartest fellow.

    copy and paste from the paper : the men are charged with cultivation and possession of a controlled substance and felony charges of possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.

    I live in one of those states where they can't get it out of their heads that pot is not anything as destructive as the meth epidimec is.

    So it isn't the initial charge of the plants that get you but all the ones that follow, especially (if in the us not sure on UK) if you are 1000 yards from a school zone, park, etc.

    good luck, and try to keep it stealth.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, I'm gonna get some trainwreck seeds off GC and start growing within the next few months, hopefully i won't be caught ;)
  7. for the right price, id risk driving that many clones anywhere.

  8. Yeah, but would you risk speeding as this guy did on one of the most notorious strips for getting popped on, and in Wyoming its not an easy ride for even getting caught with a seed.
  9. lol, ive taken 24 hour rides with 90 lbs. I never speed :D. Call me old, i dont care. :smoking:
  10. To the OP, I suggest that if you search on 'marijuana penalty' or 'marijuana cultivation penalty' or something like that in the UK edition of google, you will get much better answers to your question than you would here.
  11. Never seek or take any legal advice from anyone other than a legal professional, in this case, a criminal defense lawyer with drug law expertise. I'm in agreement with Toastybiz. This is the last place I'd seek legal advice.

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