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  1. Alright..

    so I should be recieving my nirvana Big bud seeds on thursday.. which will leave me exaclly 14 weeks until I have to move out of my place.

    now if I reserve 10 weeks for flowering that only leaves 4 weeks for germination and vegging. will this be worth it or should I just put it off for another 3 months? I'm aware that my yeild will be small but it doesn't really concern me.. it's my first grow and I'm using a 400wHPS with pure blend nutes.

    also.. I know not to use the nutes until 24 days.. so.. I will only have about a week that I would be using the grow nutes.. will this even be noticable or should I just only use flowering nutes? or.. should I use the grow nutes and flwering nutes at the same time during flowering? i've seen some schedules that suggest that around the web.

    is 10 weeks too long of an estimate for the flowering? anyone have experience with nirvana's big bud.. because an extra week or so of vegging would really help me out.

    what are the effects of harvesting say.. a week too early.. if my bud is going to be lousy I would much rather just shorten the veg time to make sure they are harvested at the proper time and take a hit on the yeild.

    sorry if these are common questions.. I'm continuously using the search but I figured the specifics of my situation might help someone give me some tips.

    thanks fellas
  2. 4 weeks is not a whole lot of time to veg, but a lot of strains flower in under ten, so it is possible you could veg for longer. Your package of seeds should provide a suggested length of flowering.

    I started using nutes less than a week in, only very diluted, and my plants are doing great. You should do what the manufacturer of the nutes suggests. Most companies use a grow/bloom/micro combo throughout the entire grow, but in different proportions depending on the stage.

    Some people harverst at various times through out the flowering phase in order to get a full range of high from their buds. The ones harvested earlier (before the trichs get cloudy) will provide a more cerebral high and the later ones a more stoned high.

    Cultivation is good because you can control the quality of your herbs. Don't rush your plants!
  3. 14 weeks would cut it close, you may harvest a bit early. My plants were 3 feet tall at 4 weeks howevber still takes about a couple weeks for the to get into good and into flowering. Its possible, I believe i would start them and worst case senario, you harvest tad bit early or it may be right on the mark. Better than waiting 3 or 4 months to start.
  4. thanks for the help guys. I think I'll veg for about 5 weeks and hope they're ready for harvest in 9 wks. or I'll have to harvest a week or so early.
  5. your better off switching to flowering a week early and getting a smaller yeild than harvesting early and having shitty bud.
  6. I started flowering at 18 days, and my plants ave grown to two feet. From what I've read you can start flowering earlier, but like as mentioned your yeild will be smaller. You will need more time if you plan to fim and/or top.

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