A few drops of milk in the water??

Discussion in 'General' started by thewanjay, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I was having a smoke with a friend of my landlord this afternoon and I was showing him my new bong and talking about maybe buying a cleaner for it to keep it squeaky clean... He told me to add a few drops of milk to the water and it will help prevent resin sticking to the glass. I've never heard of this in my smoking life (14 years) but I've also moved to a new stateI would probably have dismissed it if he were a young imaginative smoker but he's 20 years older than me and reasonably sensible..Has anyone heard of this or tried it?? He said only a few drops..
  2. never heard of it I just change the water daily if I use mine...
  3. What if you forget to empty it? Fucking narly man.
  4. I say nay. It has sugar in it. Plain water is the way to go. Also fresh water and a couple rinses after each session.
  5. Milk does help but not the greatest all it does is create a tempory seal on the glass making it harder for the resin to stick to. I use milk on mine at the end of my weekly cleaning cycle to get rid of any chemicals followed by a final rinse before use. My daily clean usually stops any major resin build up
  6. ever blown bubbles into milk? 
  7. These. Both of these. If you smoke hookah, the PUT SOME MILK IN YOUR BASE FOR BIG ASS CLOUDS MAN myth has been floating around forever. Out of curiosity, I had to try. Turned into a bubbly fucking mess. And had to clean very well to make sure there was none left behind to get sour.
    Never heard of it keeping resin from building up, and can't really think of why it would. Be the source young or old, that's a suggestion I would skip.
  8. I flush the water and stem everyday, and Clean it once a week.. I believe I'll be skipping the advice if the difference it makes is minuscule to nil..Cheers for the feedback people.. Much appreciated..

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