A drawing i made for my girlfreind

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by JTBl0int, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. also hidden in their..when i give it to her she will find that im asking her to our senior prom..thought it would be a nice way to surprise her

    i drew it in pencil then scanned it into photoshop and added gradients everywhere

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  2. tell me what you think guys ..this is my first full page of art
  3. trippy
    i like the colors
  4. coo, coo. :hello:

    at first i thought the a in the middle was a vagina.
  5. ^ hahhaa...yea i guess it could be that
  6. thats really nice man... +rep
  7. awesome picture, tripped me out some :smoke:
  8. i love it, the colors are real good.
  9. that's awesome man. she'll love it. gj.
  10. nice design and colors.
  11. i like it man, the colors and shapes are tripppy as hell.Its one of those drawing i could get lost in.
  12. Cool man, nice shapes and colors. I like the little hidden message in there very clever. If your a Sagittarius luck should be coming your way tomorrow so hope things go your way man.

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