a doctor in my town gets busted growing....

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  1. While they were in the house, the officers became suspicious. A detective was summoned and Gonzalez also returned. Police searched the house, allegedly finding, among other things, a “bloom box” used for growing plants and a glass vial with marijuana residue in it. Pacheco said the investigation was continuing.

    So, did they not find any actual marijuana?
  2. Well, yeah, assuming his babies were flowering.

    This kind of stuff pisses me off. The police are probably going to throw a DOCTOR in jail for cultivating marijuana. I mean, come on, this doctor is more useful to society than the three of those cops AND that detective. While they're out busting mellow peaceful potheads, that doctor is out diagnosing sick people and who knows what else. And where the hell did the distribution charges pop up? I guess they thought his customers were paying him with the pipe residue in the jar from the weed he was allegedly selling to them? What stupid fucks.

    God this is actually quite scary. These idiots actually keep us secure.
  3. That seems really suspicious.
    The door is opened and the alarm goes off yet nothing is taken and a cop comes and all of a sudden is suspicious.
    "I heard Dr. (Name) is growing pot. Thinks he can fuck with us lets go check it out"
    It helps me knowing an average cop as an IQ of 104.
  4. Somebody most likley stole the bud out of the Jar amd his plants out of his bllom box that B.S
  5. lol, 10 minutes from me

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