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A different question relating to drug tests and work

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by UpOnMelancholyHill, May 25, 2016.

  1. Sorry for making this so long but I feel like it was all important to include. Any experience with company management and/or driving jobs please read!

    Whats up guys. So have a situation that has grown quite annoying. Let me start off by saying I haven't smoked in over a year, even though I 100% love and embrace marijuana for everything single thing it represents.. I had stopped a few months before getting this job because I became too broke to afford weed and also knew I would need to be applying for jobs. I had been unemployed for awhile prior.

    Job: Non-emergency medical transport driver (wheelchair vans) - about a year with the company now
    -Claims to do random tests, whether they have reason to suspect drug use or not.
    -Passed a standard test upon employment

    Now that I have plenty enough extra cash to afford some weed I would really like to be able to smoke again, I am dying to enjoy the freedom of getting high whenever I choose again.. but I have the possible random test hanging over my head and am not really in a position where I can afford to fail a test, get fired, and lose the ability to land another solid job in the transport field.

    Here is where I get really bugged: My assumption since I got the job has been that once they random test me without suspicion once, I'll be clear to smoke again without much worry. Well about 7- 8 months ago, by word of mouth I figured out that employees one by one had been getting randomly tested during lets say this 2 week span. All 3-4 coworkers who were hired around the same few months as me had gotten tested. I heard that one coworker had to deal with some shit because his prescription amphetamine had shown up on his results. Being prescribed that form of medication also, I made a point to bring in a doctors note so I did not run into the same dilemma once they tested me. I never got tested like everyone else and I still have not (probably because they figured I knew they were testing around then and would be prepared, but who knows)

    I need someone with knowledge of how businesses work, specifically in the non CDL driving field if possible; and/or someone who has held this type of job for awhile, who can give opinions/answers for me.

    Knowing for a fact that they do random test employees without suspicion, and given the situation I detailed above, what is the likelihood that they will simply never give me a random without suspicion at this point, now being with them for well over a year? I keep thinking with my damn luck they will surprise test me within a week after I give in and get myself stoned just once.

    If any of you know a member who might be able to help, please refer them to this thread.

    Thanks all:)
  2. You could try keeping a bottle of synthetic urine handy..but that depends whether they observe the test or not.

    If I were you I wouldn't chance it until you already knocked out one random. Tough spot to be in.
  3. In my experience, companies didn't give a FUCK unless you were injured on the job... however, you're driving a company vehicle on public roads, so I understand if they have a strict policy about drugs and truly do randomly test. If you want to smoke, you need to find a different career. Are the random drug tested performed at a lab? Would you have an hour's notice before taking the test? If so, synthetic urine (you'll need to get home, heat it up, attach a heat pad... you won't be able to just have it on you at all times).

    But most companies that have "random drug testing" clause in your paperwork only have it on there as a precaution. Most companies are NOT going to spend money (drug tests are expensive) to go on a pot-smokers witch hunt for the only purpose to be to fire people and have to spend even MORE money hiring and training new workers, affect their turnover rate, lose money as a result of being understaffed, and potentially lose valued employees. However, your situation is different since you're driving a medical transport vehicle and are responsible for the safety of others.

    ps respect for the Gorillaz song! one of my first smoking songs "upppp on melancholy hilllll... ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" :love-mj2:
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    Personally I would not want to sweat it. Random means just that. Sometimes companies wait 2 years then tests everyone to catch up and tests again in a week or two. I've had back to back drug tests weeks apart then not another one for 5 years. Depends on the company and who's in charge of testing.

    As Cheeto just said most companies don't care if you smoke. That being said those rules change when they hand over keys to a company vehicle no matter how unsporty that van might be it costs a fortune to insure. This is the liability your company and others worry about hence the drug testing where you would not expect.....

    I was a union officer so I knew every time before the testers came. I still didn't smoke I'm just saying Someone Always knows ahead of time.....find that person.

    PS You won't carry a sub with you 24/7 at work so you have to ensure that you can get it after hearing of a test and before taking it in enough advance warning to warm it up. Otherwise you are toast. I never entertained subbing because like most people I seriously doubt I could pull it off. I have good resolve and most of the time I'm unshakable but I know I couldn't do it without at least being somewhat suspicious.
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