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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DaWodin, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. My friend (Kat) has the house to himself this weekend so he was try'na get this girl to come over. She needed a ride so he offered me 20bux to drive her to his house. When im headin down to his house I spot a guy i knew from middle school. I stop to say wussup and give him a ride to where he's goin. We get to talkin an I invite him over to smoke a blunt of sum purp wit me later on. So i drop him off and hurry up to Kat's house. I get there and I'm playin around on his comp waitin for this girl to get rdy so I can go pick her up when Joint comes online. Joint's lookin to kick it so i tell him to come down. The girl is finally rdy so I drive joint and kat out there (we get a lil lost but finally arrive). I drop off Kat and the girl at Kat's house then Joint and I head to my house. About halfway there I see my friend from middle school. I pick up him an his homie then go to my house and roll up. I drop them off and head back up to Kat's house cause the girl needs to go home. After I drop her off Kat is actin all hyped an he's like "man i wanna smoke, i wanna get high" Keep in mind this guy never smoked before (but once did get high off second hand smoke lol that was so funny but its a diff story). So i try to dissuade him from smokin so he doesnt do summin he regrets but he's persistant so i go get sum weed and roll up 2 joints. We head down to the park and smoke a joint there. Munchies set in so we head to the resturant. He's actin pretty cool for someone who never smoked before....we eat then i drop off Joint and go chill at Kat's house for a lil bit. He calls up sum friends and starts sayin sum stpuid stuff...talkin bout how amazing the word 'word' is. I say goodbye and head home.....it was a good day
  2. There's been several post's by Blades havin' recent good freakin' happy, chillin' days!! Glad some of ya havin' joy!!!.....Wishin' the rest of ya some REAL soon!! We blazed all weekend, and made a new rock-solid connection!!! YaaaaaaY!! Lol :smoke:
  3. Glad you had a good day DaWodin, it's always fun to smoke a friend out for the first time... I'm still trying to convince my friend of 9 years.. ALLLLLLLLLMOST! ;)
    hope you have lots of good days like this !!

  4. one of my friends did the same thing but he gave me his Playstation, i was like damn your stupid all that for a girl to come to your house?
  5. 20 bux was kinda excessive...but i bought 10 in gas and 10 in munchies :D

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