A Day To Remember

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  1. best. band. ever. no holiday compares to warped.
  2. Saw them live it was fucking awesome crowd surfing (and nearly getting killed :D).. a lot of bands in the genre are just a bunch of hoarse groans compared to them :l
  3. More like, A Band To Remember
  4. some, not all; nothing compares to ADTR, but PTV, SWS, AA, & Attack Attack are really good too
  5. One of my favorite albums for sure

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  6. ADTR is the fucking bomb. Got me through high school, yo.
  7. Haha same here!

  8. lol worst album they've put out. For Those Who Have Heart is far and away their best album.
  9. it's gotten me through everything and I can't wait for the new album
  10. couldn't agree more lol.
  11. Whaaat? Most songs on that album are great. But we all have our own opinions lol

  12. 2nd sucks is the only heavy song on the album.

    they really sold out with that album. i'm not really into them much anymore, they where my shit when i was like 16 though. lol
  13. meh i liked a couple songs but it wasnt that great imho
  14. Just heard for the first time. Hopefully the rest of the album sounds just as good!
  15. I like some of their old stuff, but their new songs just sound meh to me.
  16. Heartless is sick.
  17. Overrated label created sham band.

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