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Do you have ADD?

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  1. ADD - I have this shit. it made me get horrible grades throughout grade school, and made me an outcast from my friends...which i didn't even have come to think of it. I was nuts. I would run around doing crazy stuff, and no one knew why. But maybe i was never the outcast to begin with. I mean, dont you think people who sit in a metal chair for 7 hours a day listening to some middle-aged bitch teacher talk about crap are really all that smart? maybe THEY are the freaks. what normal person would be able to sit through a whole day of sitting and listening to bullshit every single day without getting figity or anxious or lethally bored?? Studies have shown that most kids with ADD are unusually smart and creative. when my parents finally decided to test me for ADD in 7th grade, the results showed that, at that time, i had the mathamatics and vocabulary skills equal to a college student, and that my IQ was 130.1 (30.1% HIGHER than whats normal). I showed great skill in drawing and could learn VERY quickly about things i had actuall interest in. ADD also gave me a much higher level of energy than the other kids; and so i exelled in gym. hell, i could run around all day without getting the least bit tired.

    So, perhaps the kids today with ADD are the "x-men" if you will, of our time, and should not be looked upon as children with some kind of DIS-ability, but as children with a SUPERIOR ability.

    Just wanted to let that out somewhere.
  2. I don't have it, but our 11yr old Son has ADHD and ODD.He's had a terrrible time in School, not because of his intelligence He's too smart for his own good, lol!! But even with counseling, medication, and our love and discipline, he sometime just cannot handle it! He has one Teacher that understands his problems, and he excells in her class. He has another "Old School" Teacher that thinks all of his problems can be handled with her standard forms of discipline. Don't get me wrong, there's times when he deserves, and EARNS a swift kick in the butt, but if more Educators UNDERSTOOD the problems faced by children and young adults with these types of learning disabilities, it would eliminate MANY problems!!!

    So I guess you're well aware that using most types of "speed" would be a waste of time for you, as it reacts just the opposite on you!! Course that might not be bad, if you felt ya needed a Lil' help "chillin' " sometime.
  3. i dont have add but back when i was in school i was always a "disciplinary problem" turns out i was just 3 whole grades ahead so they moved me up and graduated that same year
  4. they say ADD actually isn't even a learning disability (which itm in truth, really isnt), so in my school, those poor kids are not allowed to take part in the tutor monitoring classes where they could get help with the other kids who have differnet learning problems. So these kids are stuck in a bind they can't get out of. Luckily I found a doctor who signed a state form that forced my school to allow me into this tutor class thanks to the love and support of my parents, and this psyciatrist guy. You see, since so many kids in public schools today have ADD, the schools can't afford to have all of them in tutor study halls, so they only allow kids with spesific learning DISABILITIES like "burgendese". Those bastards....
  5. Very brave of you to come out like that i have had ADD for 6 years and i still wont tell anyone....

    "Treat Life Easy"
  6. My oldest child is ADD. He can't kkep his mind on school work all the time. Smart as hell and if he doesn't think that he'll use what they are teaching in class he doesn't pay attention. With a little help from me helping in giving him support and understanding his grades have increased.

    The problem in most kids with add is they just can't keep their mind on what they are doing. They get bored to easily. Teachers would rather define them as trouble children instead of trying to make the class more interesting, so they can stay more focused on what they are doing.
  7. i don't have it but it runs in my family.. my brother has it, my dad had it as a child but kinda "grew out" of it even though he still shows some of the tendencies, my cousin has Autism (its in the same spectrum..) but its none of the girls in my family just the boys.... which is why i pray that if i ever have kids i have girls or that they find better treatment because i don't want to deal with it.. my brother has been a pain in the ass i don't think i could handle it
  8. Heres my fucked up life

    I have

    A.D.H.D. , Bi-polar manic depression , and INsomnia

    so my life aint all that great...Thats why I started puffin mary

    Edited to say hi and bye to everyone

    Peace to all the bladez

  9. Listen up mate..do you have 2 legs? do you have 2 arms? can you understand what people are saying to you when they talk ? if you answerd yes to all them questions then you are a lucky man. I have worked with people who don't have the things we take for granted like been able to watch T.V or play football. Take what you got mate and make something of it.

    Take it easy
  10. "Listen up mate..do you have 2 legs? do you have 2 arms? can you understand what people are saying to you when they talk ? if you answerd yes to all them questions then you are a lucky man. I have worked with people who don't have the things we take for granted like been able to watch T.V or play football. Take what you got mate and make something of it.

    Take it easy "

    thanks mickey..it's really hard for me sometimes...thanks again for you reply
  11. Don't know if you have realised but if you hit the "quote" tab underneath the post I made it would copied it for you.

    Take it easy
  12. yeah I knew that..it was just that I had edited that in and you can't quote aN edit..thanks anyway tho
  13. i don't have it, or atleast i don't think i do. My mom thinks i have it but shes never taken me in to the doctor to find out. My brother is disabled, he only has one arm and his right leg is shorter than his left, it stopped growing a while ago. My parents don't really pay attention to me and any medical problems i have, there always worring about him. But i don't care thats ok, i feel really bad for my brother and the shit in life he has to go through, i really wish i was disabled instead of him.
  14. Ive was diagnosed with ADD years and years ago.....I learned to benefit from the extra energy it gives me. The only bad thing is that I have the attention span of a 2 yr old sometimes. But instead of medication, my mom (which is a strict shool teacher at work and when she comes home) did the strict discipline and structure approach trying to help me. When I was in high school, I couldnt go out and do anything. So when I went off to college, I went wild. Thank god I got myself together and finished to become a nurse.

    I did read in one of my self help books that my mother keeps me in stock with that people with ADD are more apt to devolop addictions. I can believe that because I have battled my demons in these past 6 yrs (alcohol and oxycontins being the worse). But I've learned to balance my work and play now so living with ADD isnt necessarily a bad thing. I always say, it could have been worse.
  15. i had a friend who was perscribed ritalin for it and he would just snort them...

    My x also said that she had add, but she must have been on some medication or had a slight case, because i would never have known if she didn't tell me...
  16. add is easily curable with discipline. If my parents hadn't instilled discipline in me then I would be fucking uncontrollable. My IQ is somewhere between 135 and 145, too. You know the avg is 100 right, and below 7 is legally retarded so to people like us, average people seem like retarded people seem to average people. Scary, huh?
  17. People make far too big a fuss about A.D.D.. If a little boy figits in class and says whatever pops into his head, they label him with A.D.D. and medicate him. HAVE WE ALL FORGOTTEN WHAT LITTLE BOYS ARE LIKE? It's natural for them to have lots of energy and say random things.
    Here's an idea: Instead of medicating these kids, why don't you let them go play outside? Let them run around in the woods all day and burn off that extra energy! They'll learn when they're ready. It seems that, in our culture, if someone doesn't conform to what society says is "the norm," they are medicated until they do.

    Just my two cents....
  18. By the way, I believe that, when I was in school, I had A.D.D.. I also had an I.Q. of 154 at 13 (seriously). It seems like a lot of kids with A.D.D. are very inteligent. I wonder why?
  19. 154, thats insanity/genious....Hehehe I dont have ADD, I'm the kid in your high school class who has a 4.0GPA straight As and I have all credits done...I can miss a week of school and still get an A on a test....I'm SUPER hyper...I love running around and acting stupid and everyone knows me in my school for it....Heheh btw..giving your kid medication is BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD...There are much better ways to deal with it trust me...Look into natural treatment for it...Again, you DO NOT want to give your kids meds...First of all, let children be children, WTF did the kids in the olden days do if they had ADD?Nothing, they were grounded and couldnt do shit until their studies were done...Do the same...Also many kids have ADD because they dont like school, thats why as a parent make a movtivation for them to go to school, make it fun for them...Biggest tip, GET INVOLVED in your kids life and I promise they ADD/ADHD will soon deminish...

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