a couple quick questions concerning group icons...

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by MileHighChick, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. since the re-vamping of the social groups on GC, i've come across a couple inquiries.

    in order to add a group icon, is it necessary to be moderator of a group? i'm in a few groups that have banned members as the founders, therefore disabling said groups from having a group icon/image.
    could i possibly send an image to a mod/supermod/admin and have it uploaded to the group that way?

    i noticed on Durchii's public profile that his social groups are still listed as just text links, instead of the group icon format that was recently adopted. i would personally prefer to have the text link version, sans icons. is there any way to change this, or is it because of his large number of group memberships?

    thank youuu!
  2. One: I didn't realize that we had social groups that were made by banned members. If someone wants to 'take over' a social group that was originally created by someone that is no longer here, PM me or a Super Mod and we can transfer the Social Group to the person wanting to take it over.

    Two: I think the text link comes into play when the list is so long. I'm only involved in three groups as of now and mine are showing as icons. I looked for a way to change that in my profile and didn't see it (but I'm sick and may have missed it). I can look at the main settings later and double-check for you, though.
  3. alright, thank you much RMJL!

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