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a couple questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by d33kl4k, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. im fairly new to weed and there are just a couple questions i have that would clear things up.

    what are headies? is it a strain, a subcategory? ive heard this term mentioned a couple times (and yes, i know there not talking about heady pipes advertised on this site. i heard some one say they got a quarter of it for 120, so it must be pretty good. is it indica? sativa? Hybrid?

    also, im trying to master the art of eyeballing weight so it would be great if you could post some bud pics and say how much it is.

    thanks a lot, hope to hear soon
  2. here's a good description from Urban Dictionary:

    A type of cannabis typically referring to the C. sativa strain, headies are the royalty of
    cannabis. As opposed to the lower body high of beasters (typically C. indica), headies provide
    a heady high (as the name would suggest), allowing for more physical function under the
    influence. Most low grade cannabis does not provide the same kind of lightness of being that
    headies create. Thus, headies are preferred among cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

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