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A couple Black and Mild questions

Discussion in 'General' started by milkmanv1, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Ok this isn't any stupid thread asking what they are or any of that. I've smoked PLENTY of black and milds.

    So anyway down to business. I love originals and wines, especially wood tips (The white man's black and mild) but i was pretty disappointed when I tried the flavors other then wine. Apple just tastes gross, cream tastes like air, and royales taste like formaldehyde.

    Now I haven't tried Gold and Milds, Middletons cherry cigars, or prince alberts soft vanilla/soft cherry vanilla. Are they worth it? anyone out there like them, or can atleast tell me what they're like?

    Finally, do any other companies make tipped cigars like middleton? I don't wanna smoke a cheap blunt or something, but somehow that plastic tip on there makes me ok with smoking it ahaha.
  2. ive smoked many a black and mild in my day, ive even tried the prince alberts and they werent that good, its basically a black and mild knock off. In my opinion, if you want to smoke a tipped cigar go with a black and mild. Wine is really popular among my circle of friends as well, although im really tired of it.
  3. go to your local tobacco shop and ask

    i smoke b&ms occasionally but cubans are where it's at

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