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A cigarette after baking.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stubort, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. What do you guys think about smoking a cigarette after you bake? I personally think that it does increase your high a little bit, but I think it works differently for other people. I, myself, am not addicted to cigarettes, so I do not take in Nicotine in on a regular basis, and I heard it's the Nicotine that makes you slightly more high. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. It will make you lightheaded because nicotine does that; it's a drug too.

    What you'll really accomplish is to take about 7 minutes off your life for each death stick you smoke.
  3. Only Camel Crushes, maybe once or twice a month after blazing.

  4. Bro. same shit here. Like exactley the same....... I dont smoke cigs but all my buddies do, and the only smoke the crushes... I wont lie after i blaze a few bowls and smoke a crush im lovin it :)
  5. I think cigs are great when you're on any drug, especially alcohol
  6. I've be smoking weed and cigs for about 8 years.. and I find that a smoke after a joint doesn't do anything for you. It's just really really really nice to have a cig after a joint. It's like a habit for me, once I finish a joint or a bowl, I just automatically have a smoke.
  7. i myself am not a cigarette smoker, but living in a state without decriminalization and such i struggle with the whole legality issue. i usually smoke a cigarette after i blaze just to smell like cigarettes and not reefer to a cop.
  8. o my god ya. cigs fuck you up because of the synergistic effects from the cig combining with the weed.

    newport pleasure
  9. Luckily for me, in Newfoundland. Cops don't give a shit about weed.
  10. Yes a cigarrette would amplify the high a bit, tobacco is a stimulant. very very bad habit though, if you havnt already started yourself, dont start
  11. if u dont smoke cigarettes then yea u mite catch a extra buzz off a bogey, people like to blame it on the menthol...but if u dont smoke cigarettes, they will prob get u lightheaded without smokin a l...personally i only smoke blunts so normally my lungs need a few minutes n then smoke a bogey...i cant lie though almost every1 i no who smokes cigarettes lite 1 up the sec the blunt goes out
  12. If you're not a regular tobacco smoker it could make you feel a little more lightheaded, but thats just a nicotine buzz so you're not actualy higher.

  13. DENIAL! Your addicted man :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I live in Florida which is worse then the feds... and I myself haven't smoked a cigarette since I was mabe like 13..(ok so im lying I think I was drunk like a year ago and smoked one :p).
  14. cigarettes are sooooooooo bad for you
    but they are soooooooooo good, after the right amount of weed
    thats how i got addicted though..
  15. I usually feel higher quicker if I smoke a ciggy after I'm done smoking weed. This is due to the nicotine of course.

    I rarely do though, in my opinion cigs are gross, and personal experience says the ladies don't care much for them either.
  16. Only after drinking, not after bud. May as well mix the two poisons together but never with my herb.

  17. i dunno if it gets you higher, but it sure does complement the bowl pack~!
  18. 2 or 3 newport 100's after about 2 bowls and i cant stand up... I love it if i have newports... i get so relaxed especially if its night and im staring at the stars.
  19. o yeah

    smoking a good cig after a bowl is for sure a good thing
    especially if you are drunk as well

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