A christmas gift to my bro

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  1. BACKGROUND: i didn't know my older brother still smokes (he got caught about a year ago), he doesn't know i do.
    So my stash went missing one day, do I snooped around my brothers room to see if maybe he took it. And in a drawer, I find a different, small sack of weed, along w a lighter and a socket/highlighter makeshift ghetto pipe. I haven't confronted him about it, and I'm scared to say something to him about it, invade it was an old stash and he forgot about it. So I'm gonna get maybe a g or two and tape a note that says merry Christmas bro, and put it in his stash. Hopefully he likes it...
  2. christmas was yesterday
  3. Oh really*sarcasm*
  4. Get him a glass piece, if hes smoking out of a socket he would def appreciate it.
  5. So.. where did your bud go lol?
  6. I don't know I kinda just let it be... I didn't get caught I don't care that much. Lok
  7. I would but if it was an ok stash that'd go to waste. If he talks to me about it maybe I will
  8. maybe it should say happy new year instead

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