A chill night smoking... not

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  1. This might be kinda long idk cause im high so idk if it will drag on forever so thats fair warning.

    So im just chillin in my room tonight cause i got off work late and was too tired to do shit i started smoking in my room like around 130 or so and i smoke a few bowls, get pretty high, and watch black hawk down for the first time until like 4 when i hear a car alarm and i knew it was someone trying to break in cause the exact same thing happened like a month before. so i jump up from my bed and i dont have my contacts in so i cant see so i scrambled for my glasses and some shorts which seamed impossible to find at the time haha and grabbed a pocket knife i have and ran downstairs and i see my mom scrambling looking for her purse idk why cause i ignored her and i was like in a fucking movie knife in hand i run outside and see a white suburban with tinted windows leaving the direction of our house... i was so pissed i didnt catch them! so they sped down the street and went down a dead end them came back and looked lost as fuck hahah so im just standing out in my half-culdesac so they can see me and they just like look at me and they haul ass out of my neighborhood..

    so i talked to my neighbors with my mom and i had eyes red as the devils dick and no one knows i smoke :smoke:

    so we go inside and i go to my room and my mom comes in and is like "i called and a deputy is gonna come by and he'll wanna talk to you"
    i was like :eek: cause i looked fuckin gone and i thought id fuck it up and but i was just high hahah anyway its all good now cause the deputy isnt coming but im still pissed i didnt get outside in time :devious:
  2. Sucks bro. They were trying to break into your car? If so what happened to it?
  3. yeah so heres what happend after i posted this i chilled in my room on my laptop and fell asleep then like 10 minutes later the officer the officer came but i put in some drops cause i still had bloodshot eyes haha and he was filing a report on them cause they got pulled over (due to my vehicle description) in some neighborhood like 10 min away ahaha so in the end they got caught and they had a shitload of stolen property in their car so.. haha idk how its turning out from there though haha.

    and yeah it was two guys that just walk down streets trying to open up cars that have unlocked doors and one of my cars alarm goes off just by trying to open the door.. they didnt steal anything cause they got scared off by the alarm and shit

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