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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by keepsmokin, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. On one of the sub forums someone brought up the point of having a chatroom on grasscity i think that this is a great idea and that you guys should go foward with it

  2. i don't think theres enough people, if there was it would be cool.
  3. Yea it would
  4. We have already created the room on IRC the channel is #grasscity you must have an IRC client to enter the chatroom. If you have a IRC client already installed click on this link >>> Da Room and if you need help with IRC read my post for the previous suggestion on IRC Im in the room at this moment. Go here to read the post http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3782

  5. I would love to have a chat room on grasscity.com as it will be good fun, as far as the chat room recommended by TrippieJ81 goes I think if we were to have a chat room it would need to be easy access for everyone ie "CHAT". We are a long way from having a chat room yet as it does take time.

  6. Has anyone thought about using the java based irc client "jIRC" accessible by anyone using a browser here is an example http://www.mircx.com/ (may take a sec to load) for the mods if they want to check out the jIRC client go to http://www.jpilot.com/ they wrote the applet used on http://www.mircx.com/ you can direct the applet to work with any server on the internet. Just a thought.

  7. IM talking about a chatroom right on the site im not good at this computer shit so a simple button CHAT would really serve the purpose

  8. yeah we really do need a chat. Sometimes after I finish a nice bong session upstairs there nothing i'd love more then a nice chat with all my buds in the city.
  9. i spend some time on the #grasscity in DALnet. people rarely go in there, but i kill time talkin to the people in #marijuana & #phish. friendly people! :)
    we'd probably get more people in the chatroom if there was a button to click, but i am not sure if that is possible?
  10. IRC chat is used by tons of people daily....it is fairly easy to use once you download the program and figure out how to log onto dalnet.

    However, like someone else mentioned, there's a java applet that will allow web surfers to use irc w/o a program. You just click on the button, wait for it to load, pick a nick, and it puts you in the specified room. Maybe the people here that adminster the site could look into using that. I used to do that on my domain.
  11. I am in school for computer programming right now and one of the key things they teach you is to keep it simple. This concept goes with everything from web sites to operating systems. After all a guy likes things simple even if he's a computer wiz. It wouldn't take long to write a chat program and it wouldn't take up much server space but the problem would be bandwidth. As for the problem of people logging on... set a time that the chat would be open. I'm pretty sure we all agree that getting high at 7:00pm and then coming on here. Chat till we come down, would be friggin' awesome. Plus it wouldn't take away form this awesome forum.

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  12. ya ive talked to ganjaphish and xxkmanxx and others (sorry forgot names) in the mIRC chatroom we started a while back but it kinda wore off.... it would be great to get a chat..... a simple javachat from any site would work well just put up a link somewhere....
  13. Ya, I think that it would be a good idea. Just a simple chat room. Not one where you have to have a special (irc) or what ever...To get in. If you're a citizen of Grasscity then you should be able to chat~

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