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A Challenge from Ruse

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Well, here's what's up. I've got two unique GB challenges for you. These challenges are legendary among my circle of friends and I've never shared them with the city so I figured I'd go ahead and see how ya'll do.

    The first is called THE SEVEN GB CHALLENGE and I invented it with my ex girlfriend a year ago or so.

    while this may not sound very tough, allow me to explain.


    This challenge is for an unlimited amount of people, but works best with two or three. It is a team effort.

    This challenge MUST be done with dank.

    You and your partner(s) attempt to alternatingly take seven GBs of dank (back and forth)

    Now, before you go all "omg that's easy" on me, listen to this part. The actual challenge is not in reaching seven dank GBs, but in realizing that you've reached seven dank GBs. It's a lot harder than it seems.

    In order to win the challenge, you must say with absolutely certainty "This is my seventh GB" and take the seventh GB. In other words, you can't just break up a shitload of dank and rip GBs all night and say that you've passed the challenge. You most be aware of the moment when you have had seven gbs, no more, no less.

    People have offered that the easiest way to complete this challenge is by using tally marks, and others have said the best way to do it is with fourteen individual, pre-packed GB caps. I think you will find that even with these tips it is still a bit difficult, and really, who has 14 gb caps laying around?

    The next is much harder than the first.


    This challenge can ONLY be done with two people. It is a team effort just as above, however, one person is the initiator, while the other is the clueless victim.

    The challenge starts when the initiator says to the victim, "Hey, let's roll a blunt"

    Obviously, the initiator should wait until the victim has a significant amount of weed to throw up, but it doesn't really matter.

    so the weed is thrown up, broke up, and lined up for the blunt. At this point, the initiator tells the hapless victim that he has been volunteered for the ULTIMATE GB CHALLENGE (as a side note, the titles of both of these challenges must always be written in all caps).

    The two of you proceed to attempt to cash the weed broken up for the blunt all in GBs. The challenge here is simply eliminating the pile.

    I invented this a while ago and busted it out on my room mate right after he bought a quarter and had thrown up a good 2.5gs for a fat blunt, I ended up taking 19 and he took 18 GBs.

    the ULTIMATE GB CHALLENGE must be completed in under one hour.

    good luck blades, tell me how you fair.
  2. Haha I know iv done both of those (I even think I said it was my 7th, cuz I proclaimed to my friend "dude, this is my seventh haha") but... it never hurts to do them again :smoke:

    well... the 7 one was done with dank, the other with beasters, so i guess i gotta do that one over with dankage
  3. 19 gb's in a row lol :hippie:
  4. :confused:WTF? iz a GB? Ive been smokin for like 6 years now and ive never hear the term GB????? can someone fill me in from what i can tell from the challenge its like a type of power hit or sumthin.....???
  5. Gravity Bong

    This game can only be played towards the end of the high school year

    -You and one or two other people, must smoke roughly 20 gravity bongs each.

    -Then after a long stand of laughter, joke telling and "i love you man" moments you and your friends must smoker 5 more gravity bongs.

    heres the challenge.

    Locating your local public high school, pose as a students who are sitting for a math final exams, preferably a calculus final. upon arrival and making sure you have your graphing calculators and number two pencils take the test to the best of your ability.

    if you find yourself loosing your high-make sure to bring plenty of special brownies and what not to

    Once you are done with the math test-take 9 more gb's and hopefully by june-julyish you will have your test results.

    whoever scored the highest on a math exam while being completely bonked wins a corvette........or a pet cobra.

    man im so gone right now
  7. Oh, it's ON! :D

    I'll try that sometime when i'm feeling brave.
  8. i will definently try these two challenges out
  9. Can I sell the corvette for a fuckton of bud?
  10. Fuck....that would kill me lmao. My tolerance is so low right now, that one or two can last me all night.

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