A call for LSD research

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  1. Lancet calls for LSD in labs

    James Randerson, science correspondent
    Friday April 14, 2006

    "Use more psychedelic drugs," is not advice you would expect from your GP, but that is the call from an influential US medical
    journal to researchers.

    An editorial in the Lancet says that the "demonisation of psychedelic drugs as a social evil" has stifled vital medical research that
    would lead to a better understanding of the brain and better treatments for conditions such as depression.

    The journal's editor Richard Horton said he was not advocating recreational drug use, but championed the benefits of
    researchers studying the effects of drugs such as LSD and Ecstasy by using them themselves in the lab.

    "The blanket ban on psychedelic drugs enforced in many countries continues to hinder safe and controlled investigation, in a
    medical environment, of their potential benefits," said the editorial, "...criminalisation of these agents has also led to an
    excessively cautious approach to further research into their therapeutic benefits."

    Dr Horton told Guardian Unlimited that important advances were made by researchers using psychedelic drugs on themselves,
    but that these studies were stifled by the post-1960s anti-drug backlash. "Our very earliest understanding of the neurochemistry
    of the brain came from studying LSD-like compounds. Those same researchers were also taking those drugs, not recreationally,
    but as experiments on themselves. This was immensely important work."

    For the full story:,,1754088,00.html
  2. good points. scientists and doctors use cocaine so why cant they use LSD and MDMA? i'd really like to know how E affects the brain and body
  3. Too bad being a scientist takes too much work.
  4. nice fuckin find man, i like this story.

    of course this thread title would get me here as soon as i saw it

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