A/C and carbon filter. what you got!

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  1. im looking for better filtration. so tell me what your favorite a/c and carbon filter are so i can make a better choice. my price range is 30 to 100$ for them both.
  2. 2nd that! Get one with a glass screen like oregon glass blower's
  3. I got a 12 arm tree perc ash catcher on ioffer.com for $30, works great
  4. the only way both fits into that budget, is if you buy a really cheap china a/c and carbon filter.
    you should be able to find a cheap china glass carbon filter for like 20 or 30 bucks, its not going to come with carbon so add another 10-15, plus a few bucks more because alot of cheap ones need a glass screen inside to keep the carbon from sucking right through.
    a cheap china a/c is going to be around 40 bucks, and thats about it for the high end of your budget. if your looking online and need to factor in shipping it may already be over 100.

    nice name brand a/c will usually cost somewhere in the 120-200 range by itself. a nice carbon filter like say a mcfinns is around 50-60, plus the carbon.
  5. I have a nice MGW Shower head AC for my MGW Shower head to cirq. was only $100
    Its defiantly not China glass.
  6. yea, i see those on aqua every now and then, usually out of stock. but thats still pretty close to the range i gave, and still more then double what a china glass one goes for.
  7. How about something like this for $100?

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    the one on the right looks pretty shit in regards to the cleanliness of the lines/curves and shit compared to the one on the left ^
  9. ^Your opinion is noted. I'm not even sure what Josh has those priced at, or if they're even still at Legacy, but Andy G's linework is on point for that price.

    I could let this go as well OP, it's in your price range.

  10. I got a carbon filter from SSFG for like $32. It's not perfect but there is a disc screen built in and has great airflow. I got aquarium carbon from Walmart for like $5 and that was like a year ago and I've barely used any yet. A cheap ashcatcher is probably going to add a lot of drag to your setup and personally I hate tree percs.
  11. Hey been thinkin about getting a carbon filter, BIG question is does it in any way lower the potency/ThC levels? If so id definately go with an ashcatcher.
  12. From what I've read there is speculation that both could cause a lower potency. If there actually is any loss, I don't think it's very noticeable.
  13. Thc doesn't stick to the carbon. This is asked all the time around here. Some moron started the myth that it lowers potency
  14. Carbon doesnt lower the potency it extracts the plant matter from the weed so you just get pure thc. I have one with a 22 arm tree ashcatcher made by cheech with an Ng straight tube with a disfused stem

  15. i meant in the actual shape of the ac not the work the works sick the ac just looks a bit wonky...

  16. yo i just bought the exact same one, sorry to thread jack but how is it ?

  17. ive heard good things about those carbon filters. like a real good knock off of the mcfinn.
    im trying to find a /c that wont spash or splash gaurd.
  18. Can't complain, adds a little drag but the smoke is much better

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