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A bummer in Colorado.....

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Storm Crow, Mar 5, 2009.


    (There's a video with the article, so you might want to click the link. I'm on S-L-O-W dialup, so I don't even bother trying!)

    Montrose Medical Marijuana Man Moving Out

    Last month, we brought you the story of a Montrose man selling medicinal marijuana out of his home... last week, he was told he had to get out of the house.
    Bill Hewitt was told by the United States Department of Housing he had to move out of his house on South Fifth Street by March 31st.
    He thought it was OK to sell medicinal marijuana out of his home because he had a permit to possess the drug from the state.
    However, the house he lives in is paid for by the Department of Housing, and because drug possession is still a federal offense, he broke the terms of his agreement with the Department.
    He started the business THC with TLC last month and turned the home into a weed-growing facility.
    Hewitt spent nearly $11,000 on six plants, and if he gets moved out the plants have little chance of surviving.
    "I'm not giving up!" says Hewitt. He is writing a letter to President Barack Obama to ask for support in his ordeal.
    "I believe my hero... my President will save me."
    Unless something drastic happens soon, Hewitt says there is a good chance he and his children will end up homeless.
  2. They need to stop jerking people around.

    I've never in my life seen a law passed that was interpreted so differently on so many levels to the point of it simply ruining people's lives.
  3. The fact that the laws are so conflicting helps put pressure on the law makers too, so this is a good thing. Things are quickly changing. It may not seem quick, but I really believe something dramatic is going to happen in the next couple of years. And it won't be because Obama wants to do it, it'll be because they won't have a choice to ignore us anymore, which is already begining to happen.
  4. Although cannabis should be legal on all levels including Federal, if he was making money running a dispensary/compassion club, why was he still in public housing? If he had $11,000.00 to invest in a indoor grow operation, why was he still on public assistance? This type of shit makes me angry b/c it makes cannabis consumers look like a bunch of shiftless losers sponging off of welfare and not being valuable contributors to society.
  5. Last I checked 11k didn't buy you a house.

    This could of been a loan from a bank, could have been loan from his family, could have been his last bit of savings.

    You're jumping to conclusions.
  6. #6 Slathe, Mar 8, 2009
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    It's really more of a point that 11K could have been used doing a lot of other things... Not growing pot just to SELL it... The guy sounds just plain dumb to me. I mean really, how good does it look when some one who is supposed to be ONLY using this MMJ privilege for 'personal' consumption decides to set up a indoor growing BUSINESS in his house? I mean... Really... It's still federally illegal... So why are we setting up such a business were we freaking sleep???

    Now I do think taking his house is a little extream...

    EDDIT: I am all for a dispensary, just not in the house you reside in under the "It's ok because I am a MMJ patient!" pretense. Talk about bad media coverage... It just looks and sounds retarded given the current state of legal limbo every one is playing.
  7. How the fuck will he be homeless, that part I dont buy. Dont get me wrong I feel for the guy and the feds are fucking him big time but comeon he has to have enough money to move for fucks sake he has a basement full of weed.
  8. Obama just needs to make it medicinally available everywhere or pass legislation that tells the feds to go away.
  9. #9 Cow Punk, Mar 15, 2009
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    So Sad!

    ill even go one step further and say that i hope this gguy gets prosectued.

    he is in the wrong on so many different levels. if you have a med card in colorad or anywhere for that matter im pretty sure they tell you its illegal to sell to anyone! even other med patients.

    11k??? get fucking real guy(man with the plants) use that shit on pot or your kids for crying out loud! chances are spending it on pot or kids will have a better outcome then what he did.

    im stoned right now and im pretty suprised at how pissed this story is making me.

    he is going to cause problems for many other med. patients because of pure STUPIDITY.

    i feel no sympathy towards him PERIOD
  11. I don't understand anyone's argument.

    11k could practically be made back after a few harvests and he would have been well on his way making money doing something that is only wrong because the feds say so.

    How is he stupid for jumping into the most lucrative business around when he obviously already had money issues for the house he was living in?

    Are you really going to argue growing cannabis for medical patients is morally wrong because it is illegal in that particular state? Just because the feds can safely hide behind their laws doesn't mean what they are doing is right.

    You'd might as well laugh at someone getting busted for possession with that logic.

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