a bug is stuck in my hdtv

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  1. i can see it crawling back and forth the screen. Any good methods to get that sucka out of there? (preferably without taking apart the tv)
  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying the bug is behind the clear plastic inside the screen itself? Are you sure you're not just high and the bug is on the outside? lol

    I honestly can't thing of anything that's practical and safe for the TV, but here is what came to mind:

    Shake the TV so the bug falls below the screen.
    Use a cotton ball to try to push the bug gently toward the edge of the screen.
    Place the TV in a vacuum chamber to suffocate the bug.
  3. [​IMG]

    its supposed to move..damit
  4. :confused:You're not watching an old Penn and Teller special, are you?:confused:
  5. yeah its behind the plastic, I thought it was on the screen but it was inside it and it just keeps walking back and forth. Shaking it sounds like a pretty good option though.

    well i just got home so maybe it found a way out of there.
  6. sucka is still in there, its pretty annoying. I cant let it get comfortable in there. gotta fuck it up.
  7. it more then likly has no food in there so rather then damaging your $500 plus tv why dont u wait for the lil bastard to die?
  8. Bugs have short lives... is it just a lil gnat bug? Or like a roach?

    I vote for waiting for it to die, it shouldn't take long, either that or it will make its way out. You could turn off the tv because the lights may be attracting it there if you have the tv on....
  9. Hey like said before it is not worth the cost to damage your TV for a insect if it is behind the plastic that is interesting because i believe that the screen is usually sealed to prevent dust so besides the bug i believe your gonna also run into the problem of dust entering the seep
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    Take the back panel off. It comes off without having to detach any components, it's just a few screws. You should have done it as soon as you saw it though, by now it has probably already taken shits in there lol.

    EDIT: actually there might be a couple ribbon cables, no big
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    **Edit: Read first. I don't think this post breaks the rules of GC, if it does, please delete sorry. - but I don't believe this is illegal from what i know, so I don't think it's against the rules.

    If there is a matching serial number on the Box and TV this MAY not work, they will probably take it back, but take a copy of your license/id and could charge fraud against you.
    I'm not advocat ing this, just an idea I came up with that I believe is lega. Also, if you registered the serial number somewhere, with a warranty, online, someplace (like police department) incase it got stolen - this is NOT a good idea).

    My friend and I did this with a camera, and asked the guy at the store about how it works, and he told me with defective electronics, they get a new one, and the manufacturer fixes it, if possible, and re-sells it (sometimes as refurbished, sometimes new), or they trash it, because they have enough money it doens't matter.

    First - do you have a warranty 0 ==0

    This is the best idea I thought. Do you have the available cash/credit card to purchase the SAME TV.

    Preferably CASH.

    Go to Wal-Mart or Bestbuy (cheaper the better for this case) and buy the EXACT same model of the TV. Take it home. Switch the TV from the box with the one with the bug.

    Go back to store with the reciept, explain that there is something in the screen, here is the recpeit, you want the money back. They will send it to the manufacturer.

    No on is getting robbed or lose out. (The state might MAKE money off this though, so if you hate all forms of GOVT, this is bad idea)
    You get a working TV, and the money you spent is refunded. (you might lost tax money, depending on what sotre you got it from.
    Walmart of whatever, gets a new one from the factory.
    The factory loses a lil money, but professionally takes the bug out.
    TV Goes back out and gets sold.

    This would be the best bet, assuming they still make that brand/model of TV and you can get it, with a warranty would be eveb better.

    If you choose to fuck with it yourself
    2) Be Careful as fuck. With new TV,s, using LED,LCD,Plasma,etc, it's very easy to break something very important, and now all you've got is a $5000 paperweight
  12. I don't know many people who use T.V.s to prevent their papers from moving haha. I know what you mean, just wanted to express my thought.
  13. First of all this is a crime and you can get arrested for it if your caught doing it. Second of all, walmart and best buy will verify the serial number on the actual tv because people like you do this and take advantage of the system.

  14. I might actually try this, Im going to try see and wait it out for a bit longer. So far its been about two to three days and its still stuck in there.

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