A bit pale?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by K1w1DanKNZ, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. Hello everyone very old returning member here..Have a coco DTW grow from seed on and its my first time in coir.

    Are these looking a bit pale up in the tips or is this just because the growth rate is so quick its taking time to green up properly? + It's been awhile but I don't remember them looking like this in other grows.
  2. Looks like new growth color is good. Older growth may be a bit dark, making the new growth look brighter.
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  3. Here are how things look a week after I dialed the calcium back a little and marginally increased nitrogen/phos/potassium across the board and maintained feeding at the same E.C.

    I'm mixing from base salts.

  4. Your word choice makes me ask, do you mean a bit pale in the centers? Like the previous comment said, new growth is always paler, and you don't really have any tip burn. You're reaction to it seemed spot on being some weeks into flower at this point. You also said that you are new to coco, but seems not so new, perhaps coming from soil? I'm a newb myself and I prefer the coco\hydro thing (even though it's more labor) because you can see if you did something wrong almost right away instead of days later.

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