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  1. I feel like socialism would halt an economy. Like, true socialism. I mean, if everyone has only enough money for "their needs", there's no investments because they couldn't get any profit. I mean, how would a stock market work on socialism? There would be no one to play if the government took their money and gave them back what they needed to live =/ Because that's how a lot of businesses manage to grow so well, because they sell their stocks. But there wouldn't be any buyers, and businesses wouldn't flourish... not to mention big-time risky investments that "filthy corporate fat cats" make, especially when it comes to medicine. The only reason medicines have advanced is because of the big profit, and when everyone is middle-class except for "the government"... idk. Am I wrong? Let me know below. Sorry for the text-wall, but I'm not making points, i'm fishing for info.
  2. Socialism has to be used a global scale to work. Any other form of socialism would fall apart pretty quickly. Medical advancements only come from executive businesmen? Please, like they actually care about anything other than the money in the bank account. I have very little doubt that they'd sell your organs in your sleep for an extra couple of dollars if they could get away with it. Stop beleiving everything you read.

  3. Why?

    In the past over half the globe was socialist, and yet it didn't work. How will adding the other half change anything?

    Maybe socialism... just doesn't work...?

    Maybe what you've read about "socialism will really work this time, for real this time it will work! If we just force EVERYONE to be socialist!" Is something that you should stop believing?
  4. Care to elaborate? I think central planning for the U.S. let alone the entire world is a horrible idea.

  5. you are confusing communism with socialism again..:rolleyes:

  6. Oh so if we change it a little bit and call it by a different name it will totally work this time?

    But we just have to force EVERYONE to be a part of it, because it will only work when there are no alternatives for people to choose from?

  7. Correct and if things keep going as they are we will get to see if it really will work..
    You predicted the collapse of the Euro here recently..

    If the Euro goes then the domino effect will bring everyone down..
    Panic, panic, panic...

    You could not get a better chance for a Socialist world..

    Its like the dawn of a new horizon...;):smoke:

  8. Check FX and CDS spreads. The Dollar and Yen have decoupled from the Euro.

    Euro-Dollar parity or Euro=0 it's all the same, because the Euro is already functionally worth 0.

  9. Delay tactics.. Collapse is inevitable..
  10. I disagree. You could have a world full of retarded sodomites. :D

    I'm kidding, Actually, I wouldn't mind living in a small socialist community as long as a free market community was within an hour's driving distance. :smoke:
  11. yeah good idea the free market collapsed because of facism and socialistic programs shitting all over it. The only solution must be a world socialist government!!!


  12. Sounds good to me...:smoke:
  13. Socialism has been compared with capitalism and republicanism through the experiment of time and it has proven to be a failure over and over again. The most fundamental problem with it is that it retards the motivation of the individual to work hard because he knows he will only marginally benefit from it. It works in China because the government rules with an iron fist but as has happened with every other socialist government eventually the people will demand a voice. It's a philosophy left over from a different era, when aristocrats controlled the lower classes and made no secret of it.
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    Dont worry dude..

    I believe Antarctica has been allocated to cater for those that choose not to live in the new Socialist world..:smoke::D:hello::hello::hello:

  15. Which countries have true democratic socialism in their country? None.

    The Soviet Union, Cuba, China, none are socialist countries.

    Capitalism is still in these countries. Its possible to have capitalism without having a free market, which these countries have shown.

    They're all class divided-societies, and they're all state capitalist countries.

    In supposedly "socialist" Russia, for example, there still existed wage slavery, commodity production, buying, selling and exchange, with production only taking place when it was viable to do so.

    "Socialist" Russia continued to trade according to the dictates of international capital and, like every other capitalist state, was prepared to go to war to defend its economic interests.

    The role of the Soviet state became to simply act as the functionary of capital in the exploitation of wage labour, setting targets for production and pretty much controlling what could or could not be produced.

    And i agree with an earlier poster who said socialism will only work on a global scale.

    It is also possible, at least in theory, to have a free market that isnt capitalist. But it wouldnt work...it would most likely lead to capital accumulation and profit-making.
  16. 'True socialism' doesn't mean that people have only the money for their base needs and everything else belongs to the state. In fact, it's hard to say WHAT 'true socialism' exactly is... but yes, there would be a degree of economic slowdown in exchange for far greater stability. Personally, I don't think it would be 'worse', just different - the lack of widespread free trade and enterprise gives way for a more personal system of trading, bartering and utilisation of the machines of production (which everyone has access to) supplying your wants.

    How I envision a good socialist economy working is that, once everybodies 'needs' are provided for, then the machines of production are entirely dedicated to fulfilling peoples wants. The entire economy working to make sure everyone is satisfied and getting what they want, with goods being produced solely for the purpose of providing them to the people... I think it's fairer, and possibly a more efficient way to harness the machines of production as EVERYONE gets what they want from the machines rather than the select few being able to get what they want.

    A socialist economy would operate very differently to a capitalist economy though, almost to the point where it's meaningless to try and apply capitalist concepts such as 'stock markets' to a non-capitalist economic system. You dig?
  17. Socialism is a for dreamers and revolutionaries. It has been proven through the test of time which type of governmental philosophy performs the best and that is why the United States is so powerful compared to anyone else on the planet. It is through capitalism, industrial power, economic freedom and republican ideology that the U.S. has risen to such heights above all of the other resentful nations of planet earth.

    I don't mind people investigating the curiosity of socialism and Marxism, but I am starting to get the feeling our great nation is under threat from these ideologies, and would remind the people promoting them that the rest of the world resents us for our greatness and would like to see us fall.
  18. So that's why the Soviet Union existed for 74 years and China has existed for 60?

    Personally, I hate those nations, I see them as the exact opposite of what Marx wrote, but being a communist, I think I'm supposed to be proud of them or something. The only country in the world that's even close to pure communism today is Cuba, yet I hate that place too because it's lack of basic freedoms also goes against Marx's Great Theory.
  19. How about the ideologies of such great men as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, etc? Why the fascination with foreign idealism? We have many great philosophers in our heritage and all have contributed to the great nation we have now which towers above the rest of the world.

  20. ha, dude american aint that great. the government runs EVERYTHING by the dollar. ever heard of special interest groups? yeah they have a HUGE pushing factor when they lobby in congress.

    if the big pharma companies want something, they get it... why? because the government gets MUCHO bucks in taxes from them.

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