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a big old load of shit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. hehehe i wrote and told that shithead that i was gonna stick my stoned foot in his ass hehehhehehehehe
  2. i'm not sure which part of the article you're all upset about. for the most part it seems true.
  3. well, maybe for you. when i'm stoned and cant stop thinking.

    i could be just about to do something and start thinking of something or something.
  4. the mice were probably all running into eachother and shit:D
  5. look at the side section on munchies!!! it is the government getting people to think (remember or little disution on think?) that they will get hungry, andthere for eat fmor e food and then tell you that youll eat more and you think of FAT. you dont want to be fan, because fat people arent "cool" so you buy into their brain washing shit and stay away from this substance that THEY asay if full of fatening something er other.

    :Dwel must all keep an open mind:D
  6. dudes the stuff they wrote on that article seems like pretty common knowledge. it doens't diss mj. they're pretty much facts, researched by mostly undergrad/grad students that want to know more about mj.
  7. yeah, students. which want to know more about "mj" and get stoned, and start falling into the governments trap. its all tracable
  8. yeah, it does, cause a negative vibe make you cold which tighten your muscles to power tthe government to tighten you muscle cause you think smoking will make you fat and you start worrieing about being fat, and start smoking more and it keep s going into tighter and thighter cicles until you barely breath and die. they basically own your mind until the day you die.

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