A better training method than LST: WST

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by MarGreenThumb, May 21, 2011.

  1. Weight Strength Training. This method works the same as LST, but instead of anchoring your LST strings to a solid object, you replace that anchor with a weight. Taking some twine/rope/yarn, some pennies, and a strip of aluminum tape, you can create a weight that will bend the stalks how you want. The more pennies you roll up in the aluminum tape, the heavier you can make it, and the more bend you get. The primary benefit of this technique over regular LST is that it allows the plant to move with an oscillating fan, and the weight causes the plant to wiggle back and forth, creating a more robust stalk. The added weight makes the plant have to work harder and resist the weight and bending. Using pennies allows you to dial in the exact weight the plant needs to bend, without causing damage to it. I don't know why I haven't thought about this before, but the results are very promising, no more weak stalks from lack of movement. Give it a try, it's like hanging Christmas ornaments from your soon to be trees :hello:
  2. sounds like itll work, ima go try it out
    great idea man gotta give you props, +rep
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  3. I was unsure if I wanted to lst my baby's but I'm definitely going to try this. Great idea man
  4. Wow, switching my next crop to this method for a try...Thanks man never heard of that.
  5. sounds promising man. Im going to give it a go.
  6. This sounds great, I have no short of penny's. What kind of string do u think would leave the least amount of impact on the Branches? With the movement from the fan it would rub a little right? Might were into the branch, just something to think about :)
  7. been doing this a while now and the best bit is in strech ya can opern the cannopy right up its a grate easy way i wouldernt do it eney other way mate !
  8. I'd using something soft with a large surface area, yarn would probably work just fine. I wouldn't use fishing line since it could possibly dig into the branch.
  9. I prefer string. If fishing line is all you have, I would fold duct tape over the fishing line so it doesn't cut into the stems of your plants. You don't have to over do the duct tape, just little strips were your line will be up against the plant stems.
  10. I'm using your technique. I'm putting weights from fishing on fishing line instead of coins. I'll keep you posted. Peace.
  11. I took your idea and here is what I did with it -

    I made weights with pennies and tape, then attached them to those soft, fuzzy, bendable pipe cleaners. It's very simple to hook them onto the plant wherever I want them, and they will be easy to move around as training progresses.

    Great idea, thanks for sharing :)
  12. A cheap & easy way I do it is go to the Dollar Store & pick a few packages of the Wooden Spring Clothespins . A package of 50 is a dollar & their great as ya can just clip em on the branches where needed . If more weight is needed just clip more than one to each-other per branch & yer good to go .

    Just make certain ya clip the branch with the cut out on the Clothes Pins so ya Don't Girdle the branch & cut off the water & nutrients . Works like a feckin charm ,,,
  13. seems like a nice idea, especially in a small pot before transplanting because you don't have to distrub the root system with stakes, that and the move a bility means i'll probably give it a go as well:)
  14. can anyone post some pictures of doing this? and maybe after pictures if anyone has some

  15. Sounds ok remember that the plant musn't be to constrictied it might damage the stem
  16. I’ve been using this method for a couple years. The solution? Binder clips! They come in different sizes so you can put a medium one on and attach a little one to it, or use a few little ones. You can easily add a penny to the clip with no need for tape! Dang it’s upside down!

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