A better question for the loons who dont think he was killed

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    So his family is in on it? his daughter has said he was killed.

    you dont think the radicals/al Jazeera would LOVE to embarrass the US if he was alive by showing him? theyre all saying he was killed

    I was instructed to put sources in my super serious op, but theyve been posted farther down in the thread so just scroll you lazy ass.
  2. Another thread about this shit?

    Who cares, man.

  3. another post about nothing?

    who cares, man

  4. Just for this post im going to bump this thread every time it falls off the front page.
  5. I'm all with you... I am positive we killed him. That just reinforces it even more.

    But you know for a fact people will argue this no matter what till the death.
  6. U mad?
  7. The White House should just release the pics and get it over with.

    What are they worried about? most of the planet already hates the fucking U.S. administration anyway.

  8. nope

    u brainwashed?
  9. I hate when people lump Al Jazeera in with terrorists or radicals.

  10. I hate this false sensitivity the govt tries to pull off as were bombing 4 islamic countries.
  11. it wasnt supposed to seem like that, but they would not pass up an opportunity to embarrass the US if they thought he was alive.
  12. Aljazeera has nothing to do with radicals. Fucking CNN and FOX would love to embarrass the U.S.!
  13. Cause it's all BS.

    Obama is foolish enough to think he can go to war with ISLAM, a religion, so he constantly states, the U.S. is not at war with Islam.

    Fucking idiot.
  14. Agreed

  15. you may be right, i didnt mean to make it seem like i was lumping AJ and radicals together, but i still think they would try to make the US look like fools if he was still alive.
  16. Because he's not about to lose sleep over something that will make no real difference to us he's brainwashed? Kind of ironic.
    Anyway, I'm in the 'see who gives a fuck' crowd too, I'm as unbiased as they come. How do we know it's actually his daughter (if anyone) that's said something?
    This arguement could go on forever, at the moment it's like trying to (dis)prove god.
  17. As far as I'm concerned, Al Jazeera is more objective then CNN, CBS, and Fox combined.
  18. What?

    i said u brainwashed cause he posted some stupid meme thats been posted 100 million times over the last 6 years when the person cant think of anything else to say.

    i couldnt give a shit if he cares about this lame ass thread or not, its a shitty thread on a topic thats been talked about all week.

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