A bad start to self-sufficiency :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cillers, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. A little while before easter I started a little growbox in my room under my desk . . . Not a smart idea considering I live with my parents.

    So one day when Im out my ma finds the box and brings it down to my grandads house to dispose of it . . . :eek:

    She wasnt too upset apart from the fact that it was a fire hazard.

    So a week later im down at my grandparents house and i look out the kitchen window and see my plant, not growing well at all . . . :confused:

    SO I go out and water it and move it to a better spot and plan on rescuing it when I had found a good enough outdoor spot for it.
    My granny tells me she is throwin it out and not to think about growing more incase i get caught.

    So i forget about it. . . UNTIL the other day I was down again helpin my grandad do some work on the ensuite he was building. I go out to the conservatory and see my plant is still there and has bin growing :eek: Thing is , I have nowhere to plant it out and no space for it inside. UGH :mad:

    heres some pics of the box, the plant in the box, the plant after confiscation, the plant now . . And a pic of the survivors (now dead) of my last failed grow in a friends house . .

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  2. So...your mother tried to dispose of your grow op in her house and then your grandmother tried to dispose of your grow op on her property? I think the message is loud and clear.

    It is disrespectful to grow in someone else's house, and you expose them to potentially huge legal and financial risk without them wanting to assume that risk or even know about it. You need to have your own place to grow MJ.
  3. Ok my grandmother didnt actually try to dispose of it , its still sitting there today and they water it . . . I think my grandad likes it :rolleyes:

    And I realise the implications if it got found. Thats why I'm trying to grow outdoors . . (but still havnt found a decent spot :()
  4. OK, so your grandmother didn't actually throw it out, she just said she would and that you shouldn't grow on her property. That's still a crystal clear message. I hope you are looking for a spot off their property...
  5. Nah man she never said I shouldnt grow at her house but I would never have wanted to .

    I was plannin a grow in a wooded area not on anyones property but it wasnt suitable. For now its just a plan and probably wont come to fruition until I get a house of my own . . .

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