A 20 Sac I Just Got. Good Deal.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by phr0zenphr33k, May 4, 2004.

  1. some chronic.

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  2. more

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  3. looks shwaggy, but if it gets u high its all good
  4. looks pretty much like stuff ud find at the bottem of a oz, but its more then what i got, so happy smokin
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  6. looks fine, it gets you lit
  7. damn is that what you call chronic? I feel bad for where you live bro because it looks like dirt to me!


  8. wow, this looks very tasty :D
  9. the second dub is shake....chronic shake, its still good....but it burns real quick.....but that nug looked pretty dense.....i'd love to smoke it......
  10. that wasnt the bud i usually get. i get pretty good bud. i got all that for 20$ so its not the best.
  11. thats not too bad for $20.
  12. yep looks like agreat deal ;) :D
  13. doesnt look like chronic at all
  14. Hey, if it works, it works, right?

  15. looks like dirt u got ripped off dog
  16. hey if it gets u high it grets u high. I dont buy the flamest cron, i usually get some pretty good mids and just roll blunts.
  17. heres my current bud:

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  18. looks like some bomb shit to me! ur cam aint the greatest and u can still see the hairs.
  19. yea, the high is unbelieveably clear and 3 hits will send you flyin'.
  20. where i live i can get a 20 of chrondos for fucking anyprice... usually for 20 bucks... i can get pounds of w/e u want 100 bucks a pop...is that just me or what?

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