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  1. So since the time of coming to GC and now my glass collection has changed immensely.

    Figured I would just make this thread to document what has come and gone, and what is new to come.

    Plenty of Toro on it's way this week and next.

    I'll have some buds to show as well, only the dankness so let's get the show on the road with a bit of the past, and a little bit of the new.

    So, this was the mini collection that started it all.

    Yeah, talk about basic as hell right? But hey, we all start somewhere, we don't just go out and buy a RooR for our first tube do we?

    Shit of course we do...
    First tube, first RooR.

    And how do we smoke?
    [ame=http://s475.photobucket.com/albums/rr116/RadioFlyerGlass/?action=view&current=Movie27.flv]Movie27.flv video by RadioFlyerGlass - Photobucket[/ame]
  2. Plus my First Heady Slide I owned.

    Mike Fro

    And First heady bub.
    Nick Vorhees did some work on this bad boy. Diffused downstem, snorkel carb
  3. that voorhees bubbler has some savage work radio. love all the different sections. the honeycomb wart looks so ridiculous and DEEP. stoked to see where this thread goes...
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    ill pieces and +rep for the wu shirt. wu-tang forever and a day, dont get it twisted.
  5. SHazam sick glass man + rep

    contemplainting my next pickup what would you do ?

    7 mil roor ? - 5 mil custom ? straight / beaker / like some *%#@in sick toro stemless dual tree perc type *&^%&

    plus rep for the wu shirt too man thats sick
  6. Either 5mm Kustom or a Toro.


    [ame=http://s475.photobucket.com/albums/rr116/RadioFlyerGlass/?action=view&current=Movie30.flv]Movie30.flv video by RadioFlyerGlass - Photobucket[/ame]


    Point taken?
  7. ^^ RadioFlyer that is one sick light switch you got there. lol

    oh and hey there's some cool tubes too.
  8. very nice man very nice love it all...

    still need to see that in person ;)

    keep it up man!
  9. amazing collection Radio Flyer, keep up the good work :smoking:
  10. Thanks MeanStreak, I only wish that 6/13 was still at my house man. You will enjoy that bad boy.
  11. Everything looks awesome Radio, cant wait to see the Toro sickness to come!
  12. Bad ass thread idea cause im the same way since getting in to gc my glass collection changed a shit load too and always growing

    back on topic dude all those toros look sooo nice and that roor custom is bomb too and your first bub kills it soo ill for a heady bub nice glass man + rep fo sho(would but gotta keep spreadin it says lol

  13. Those cabinet doors are quite impressive as well.

    I love that worked rawr, of course the Toros are sick. That bub is fucking insane, and some nice looking nug too.
  14. More eye candy.

    [ame=http://s475.photobucket.com/albums/rr116/RadioFlyerGlass/?action=view&current=Movie32.flv]Movie32.flv video by RadioFlyerGlass - Photobucket[/ame]

    We don't just show Toro Love, how about some RooR


  15. Yeah, I remember it all SD. Not to long ago you had no GonG tubes. Shit I remember 521 and his KC Inline and Illadelph Heavy Hitter.

    I don't blame GC as much as all the sickness I saw on TC but I went there later...
  16. ^lol^

    and ya i would say most people come here, get a taste of the glass then go to TC and say WHOA and then it all begins.......
  17. thats how it started for me
  18. yea thats totally how it works crazy that it happened to all of us lol
  19. same shit happened to me lol.

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