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=_=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nope...sorry.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by elementxero, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. =_=? No....not me. Not today. MAN!

    I am really fiending out for a toke today loler. The last 4 days I have been smoking once a day MAX and it was damn shitty weed that barely even got me anything. I can't wait to go back to school, where the nugs flow like wine. lol

    Being on the city makes me want to get wicked high and then come back to the city.
  2. the worst part is....

    i have but nine dollars to my name right now, and I'm about to go to lunch with my g/f. AND I need to get her something for her's friday! I wish I had money...

    I'm working right now all week, thats about 400 bucks in my pocket...eventually...but for now I'm ass broke and I really need it.

  3. i have the exact opposite problem, at school there is jack shit, at home the nuggets poor through the cracks
  4. agr! Ive been waiting since sat. I cant get a hold of my buddy whose got a bag for me. Im going nutso! I wish I was at school to, everywhere you went, there was someone you could just be like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! hook it up! and VIOLA! big bags of ganj burning it your face within the end of the minute! what a good minute! ugh. so im heading to work, which is good to occupy the time, and give me lots of clear headed time to think what Im going to do to think dude who is now pushing five days.
  5. Man I just got back from lunch....what a shitty lunch.

    I'm starting to wonder if my gf of nearly three years is doing me more harm than good. She really doesn't like much about me. I can't figure out why she is even with me in the first place, and her dissaproval just creates resentment for me. She is always pissed off, always telling me shes hates this about me or hates that about me, never hesitates to say fuck you or i hate you.

    I dunno, we have a lot of good time too, but the bad times are really raelly bringing me down lately. I almost swerved my car into an oncoming train today if that means anything lol.

    Again, I need some weed ;(
  6. Yeah man. Loose the dame. She sounds like a real bitch.
  7. Sounded like you two been getting along splendidly. Yeah, I read your other thread, woman's insight I believe?

    The way I see it,
    *he said responding to one thread in another a thread.*

    If she's just a girlfriend, man, it's got to be all about the love and togetherness, and yes, SEX! There be plenty of time to hate each other later in the relationship. Ya gotta have some good, or maybe even a whole lot of good, early on. It will help deal with the shit later. If ya ain't getting that right now, can you imagine 10 years from now?

    As for the money, an ancient chinese man who was a friend of mine thru my formative years, always used to harp at me,
    "There will never be e'nuff money. Learn to worry about something else."

    When is Kronos gonna stop his long winded ass by here?:)
  8. Heh i dunno, I'll pass him the message.

    Well first of all I wanted to say that trust me, the sex isn't the problem. We burn down the house. But second, we talked a whole lot all day yesterday and today and I think we are back on the same page. It feels really good to have the weight off of everything. Had a great night tonight of blunt-joints (YES, 1 1/2" ROLLING PAPERS MADE OUT OF BLUNT!!) and lovin....can't complain.. ;)
  9. im so eager to mix sex and weed...but not in a plastic baggie could get dangerous.

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