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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floydian, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. #1 Floydian, Jun 8, 2006
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  2. hah i saw a thread about this a couple weeks back.

    aw hell who cares the thread was from 05 or somethin.

    hackysack is jus so chill with like two-three other stoned friends. big big groups man they always just made me mad because everyone is jus starts to try and show off plus i hate big groups anyways.

    i wish i had a hackysack of my very own so i could jus do it in my room. just to be a little more active. it'd be a lot better than just sitting there all the time like i do haha

    i had a jar full of seeds that i was going to fill a hackysack with, but it got stolen :(
  3. haha if I played hacky-sack I would try and incorporate smoking (with a joint or blunt, otherwise it'd be real challenging hitting a pipe/bong while playing hacky-sack)
  4. i love playing 3 and out.

    especially in small groups. big groups tend to drop hacks a lot.
  5. Hell yeah. My circle always plays a little hack about an hour or so after the session. None of us are too great, but I think it is more fun that way.
  6. hack is definitely one of the greatest things to do when stoned. i met a friend of a friend of mine that could do some fancy trickery, and we all played a fun game for sure.
  7. ayo man you should try rushan rulet whenyou are blazed out man, dat shitis bomb mayne
  8. damn i still need to get one!!! i keep forgetting. i dont know why that would happen..... :devious:

  9. hahaha man gangbanger i don't think you play that game frequently enough
  10. :laughing: for real, go play right now "mayne"
  11. can sum1 please explain wtf is hacky sack lol never heard of it???
  12. Its a little bean bag you kick around in a circle of friends, it is mad fun and I have not played for like 2 years at least, I have to get my sack back out. Good tymes for sure. JOE>

    P.S. I said sack...... HAHA!
  13. I can't really do hackysack very well but me and my friends do something similar, its called Myachi.

  14. hahahaha myachis are ill too. i love the hack and fuckin own at myachi too.
  15. you gotta be able to stand up to play hacksack right?

    then that cancels me out
  16. Man, I had to post on this shit. Hack used to be my life in highschool. Every morning before class, every lunch, and most days after, smoke a jay, and play hack. Those were the days bro, haha.
  17. i play hackysack with my friend high almost on a daily basis. it's my favorite sport. what do you guys prepfer, beans or sand? preferrably i like beans.
  18. Hell yea for stoned hack. I play better stoned. It feels like it's in slow-mo.
  19. I finally got one! i made a special trip to the mall to get one cause i knew that there would be one there. I brought my bag of like 30 MJ seeds there and placed them all over the mall haha. i put them on counters and stuff in random stores in places where people will obviously see them and look at it. I even put one in the dirt next to a potted plant that was getting natural sun...that should be interested. I went into Spencer's gifts and put one in an insense burner that had marijuana leaves on it and stuff. Anyways I got home and I realized that I suck at hacky sack. So much for that.
  20. thats so weird to think that there is so much entertainment from kicking a ball back and forth for hours, to someone who hasnt played it would sound horribly boring

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