96 X Casey Jones - 6 X 600Watt Hps - New Grow Room

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  1. Hi guys,
    Just finished building my grow room and transplanted the clones to 3 gallon containers. I cut the clones 15 days ago and they rooted very well. There are 96 x casey jones under 6 x 600watt HPS, 16 plants per lamp. I have a 3250 outlet with a 3250 carbon filter and 1500 inlet. I know it's a little too much but i had the equipment from another project that went wrong (neighbors). Here are the first pics...
    Healthy marijuana clone
    Nice roots
    96 x casey jones under 6 x 600watt HPS
    Sprayed with water
    More next week. Sorry for the stamp in the pics but i cannot upload direclty

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  2. nice grow, how big is the room their flowering in?
    sog? nutes?
    subd and ready for the porn....:smoking:
  3. Thanks Luc1fER,
    Size of the room is 11 x 8 foot. I always give them nitrogen and a little phosphorus during vegetation and phosphorus, potassium and little nitrogen during flowering. And some bloom fertilizer with all the other nutrients. 
  4. yeah seems pretty basic feeding, mind telling us what brand of nutes ya using to feed? what type of setup your going with this 96plants?
    sea of green, or veeggin a month then flip them? 
    just curious this is a pretty big run.....
  5. Nice setup mate.
    Does that room seem undersized though for so many plants?
  6. I'm not sure about the brand yet, i usually use aptus or canna. A friend of mine has its own brand and asked me to try it but i don't want to experience in a new grow room. Have to control temp and humidity first. 
    I'm going for sog. I'm planning to top the plants next week, spread the pots a little and wait for the leaves to touch eachother. Then switch to 12/12.
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    We're at day 5 of vegetation and things are looking good. Temperature between 68 and 77, humidity around 60% and a little fan is making the ladies dance to create a strong stem. I watered them five days ago and not yet since. Just sprayed the leaves with water a few times a day. 
    I topped my plants today because casey jones is 80% sativa so it will grow very tall. Now it will start developing more side branches, stay small and bushy and develop many top colas. Growth is slowed down for a few days as the marijuana plants adjust to the shock of being topped. After a few days, when the leaves touch each other, i will change the light cycle to 12/12. What do you guys think about topping? Here are some pics...
    Day 5 vegetation
    Cut off top shoot
    Just like this
    Plant will stay small and bushy
  8. Nice grow Robert , what ec do you run ?

    And at what stage ?

    I've got some seedlings growing in coco and thought I'd start at 1.8 and keep it there till the end , however long that is lol .

    Also I have 4 in rdwc thx.

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