96 impala ss

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  1. Any one think that a 96 impala ss is a cool car and a good car for a stoner? Any one have one of these bad boys ?

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  2. As far as I remember they use the same G80 locking dif on the rear as many cars/trucks of that decade. Used a cast iron exhaust manifold? I'm not sure, I believe that the LT1 in the impala SS was the same as the truck motor version. Tuned for lower rpm torque. They are big cars, get shit gas mileage, and probably not all that cheap on insurance. 
  3. Should be the same 5.7 LT1 as in the police version. I don't see why insurance would be too bad, its a big older car. Perfect stonermobile, the ladies would dig it.. put a nice stereo in there and you're good to go. My ex had a 92 Caprice, basically the same car and the acoustics are great for two 12"s.
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    they were great cars. they still look mean, most still sound great, they can build power. but a stock example would get dusted by a new V6 Camry. but its essentially a 4 door Camaro Z28. its still one of my top 10 favorite cars, because its a big fast sedan.
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    I got an insurance quote on one a few weeks ago because I almost bought one, it actually wasn't bad at all.
    I've always loved the 94-96 impalas.  they're solid cars.
    if you're looking at buying one though and it's high mileage get it looked over first, idk about where you live but michigan winters will destroy older cars if they've been driven a lot.  I had an old cutlass and I loved it but so much shit was rusted out from the previous owner.  a lot of the mid 90s impalas out there got used as daily drivers and shit.
    and I would get a 95 instead personally...  the 96 is a lot more desirable but it's also a lot pricier in general.  if you don't mind a digital dash and column shifter it's the same car.
    if you want to know if they're a good stoner car look no further than the curren$y video, lol.
  6. In Ontario, Canada which has the exact same winter as Mich. a car from 1995 will fall apart faster than you can fix it. Unless it is a summer only car. Again gas mileage will be extremely poor. Insurance costs more up here due to it being a SS, which to insurance means it is a higher powered sport version. Therefore power rating is higher, therefore insurance is more costly. This car is a boat btw
  7. I've always liked them and I hate American cars.

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  8. What's your budget OP? The clean, all original, low mileage SS's are not cheap. I mean, even the higher mile SS's go for about 10 grand.
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    that all depends on location.
    I was looking at a 95  with 111,000 for 4 grand.   96s are a little more.
    I ended up getting something else instead tho.
  10. Put 4.10 gears, f body aluminum heads, intake, long tubes, and tune on it and it will gorilla stomp most cars stop light to stop light.
  11. Find a '96 roller: go to your local Pull a part- find the cleanest looking 5.3, buy it for the change you have in your left pocket, go to eBay and purchase a gt3582r. Instant sub 12's.

    Lol, personally I like T types, (I'm unfortunately a die hard mopar fan lol) - you can't be any cooler, when you're driving the Darth fucking Vader of cars.

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