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90/oz schwagg

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by zinku418, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Check out this schwagg i just bought a camera just to take the picture.

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  2. Wouldn't smoke it.
  3. Looks nice, but looks better than schwagg! :smoke:
  4. I've always been able to find some decent schwagg for sure. i got another pic, unfortunately it was from a compressed nug

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  5. does not look like shwag to me looks like some ok mids theres a difference you know between mids and shwag and ive bought way worse than that before hell i used to get fucking brick weed and your calling that stuff shwag. Marijuana Quality And Marijuana Grades Read It!
  6. That actually doesn't look like schwagg, looks pretty god damn good for 90/oz, still not fire but for 90/oz thats a really good price.
  7. Well the dude i get it off from he says its his swag. The dank i get from him is pretty insane, although with this QP i won't be buying for a while.
  8. This shwag doesn't look too bad. I'd smoke it. :smoke:
  9. Yea, that would be considered mids around my area... I would smoke that, and only 90/oz? Where do you live OP?
  10. Gotta love tx on tha schwag,prolly run me 30-45(if I smoked that shit)! But what's up with tha first pic that ain't schwag:smoke:
  11. looks like most peoples dank on these forums.
  12. that's some heady schwag
  13. Looks good to me bro.Fire that shit up!
  14. Looks like troll weed.

  15. i live in north east ohio. i know the grower and he isn't in it for the money. we coined the name, clevelands finest, cause it's the finest schwagg seed bud we have ever had.

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