90 Degree 18Mm Showerhead Ashcatcher

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    What do you think?


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  2. defintely china
    idk why its missing slits lol
  3. Eh whatever it was 25$ at my LHS, and its thick glass. Just wanted something to keep my new piece clean.
  4. great pick up :) stay high!
  5. and why you doggin on his stuff man, if he likes it and gets high, thats all that matters
    on the internet people tend to be blunt with the truth.....who would have guessed?
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    That's what matters if the question is what does OP think. That's not the question. He asked what we all thought. Him liking it and it getting him high don't have anything to do with it.
    Edit: To actually be useful, I'm actually in the market for a similar AC. Dirt Cheap, just something to keep various pieces clean.
  8. Yeah it's pretty cheap, I guess. Plus the slits should be going all the way around the showerhead for the smoothest hit.
    But for $25, if it suits you well, I'd say it's a good pickup.
    I'm not that into ashcatcher's, but if I got one I'd probably spend a bit more. Of course I'm broke anyways, so that's not an option. :p
    well still you wouldnt go to a friends house and say shit about his piece.... even if it was a 10 dollar spoon.... or atleast i wouldnt....

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