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90 days germination to harvest...possible?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by stewie21, May 3, 2008.

  1. Ok, I'm growing 10 WW and 10 Afghani x Cali Indica outside and I'm wondering if approximately 90 days from start to finish is feasible for a good yield.

    I live in the midwest, and wonder how much I should expect from each plant. The package for the AfgXCali says 55-60 days flowering, and it seems that it wouldn't leave that much time (30-35 days) for vegging. thanx :smoking:
  2. Inside you could do it, not outside. You will harvest in Sept/Oct. 90 days from now your plants will just start flowering outside. Can't control the sun brotha.

    It could be done with an autoflowering strain, neither one of your strains is auto, you got good weed.:)
  3. damn, guess i'm gonna have to start looking at places to grow inside :(
    is it possible to start them inside w/lights on 18/6 or something and force the flowering stage right away by transplanting outside where sun is 13/11?

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