9 Months And Im Baked Out Of My Mind.

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    I was a big smoker back last summer, i was smoking mids like 3 or like sometimes 7 grams a day and hardly getting high anymore. Now after 9 months of probation i forgot what it was like all together and have like 0 tolerance lol. I smoked 2 hits of some stuff and reached blast off, like im trippin i didnt even know how to take a shower it seemed like it took almost 40 minutes but i was out in less than 10 lmao. idk i lost sense of time. Low tolerance rocks and im hardly ever gonna smoke anymore cuz i get so freaking high on so little.
    Hope this made sense kinda stoned.  :smoke:
    Such a low tolerance but i think it was a hybrid. Was some good stuff payed 20 but it was purp and green and id say prob worth 15 but it was a quick hookup through a friends friend. Few of my other dealers quit selling for various reasons. But dealers are always getting out or getting in idk i get good connects but theyre always quitting round here then u gotta find more hookups and see if theyre cool lol.
    Damn its nice to be high again haha toke up yall.

  2. Smoking mids everyday gets boring

    Smoking dank everyday is a different story

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  3. lol yeah im forreal, last summer there was not much dank in bama but its picked up a bit and i can find some, i got a couple connects for dank now.
    ima need to get some mids for right now though i was so stoned i lost my brain haha, i need to smoke mids a few times before i go hitting the dank again lol.
  4. yeah I stopped smoking errrr day like 4 months ago, quit for 3 weeks smoked and omg I appreciate it so much more! I almost forgot what bud can really do for you!
  5. i been sober for about 3 months im gonna wait it out until after my surgery then imma be smoking dank 

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