9 felonies

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  1. Hey anyone intrested in graffiti read this article. One local tagger "moses" went to new york over the weekend and is faced with like 9 felonies. He already had alot because of all the shit he did around my city. Well heres the link.
  2. i thought they got arrested for graffiti.

    they are morons. why would they chuck cans of paint from a roof onto a busy street.

    sounds like they are asking to get arrested.
  3. yup, they deserve everything that came to them. too bad they may have fucked up their graduation. i bet it wasnt even that fun.
  4. What a bunch of fucking idiots. Who throws cans of paint off a roof? And what special kind of moron does it take to throw them on cops?
  5. If they were looking for liberation of some kind, they werent going to get it. Seriously, if you want to harm people from a roof, get a gun. I'll bet if any of those cans hit someone in the head with enough force, they would have died. Anywho... I dunno.
  6. Nah, I'd prefer they used paint cans instead of guns.

    If they used a gun, some pussy-bitch politician would say "This is why private citizens should not be allowed to possess long-range rifles blah blah blah."

    Think they're gonna say that about cans of paint? It isn't about whether or not something should actually be illegal; it's about whether they think that making it illegal will get them votes or not.
  7. I know one of the guys and have talked to him. He sayd they were drunk as shit but it was still one of the stupidest ideas ever. It was also 5 in the morning so the streets werent crowded...
  8. yeah, ban paint cans!
  9. Those guys have balls.
  10. They already did ban paint cans ^-^ If your eunder 21 and are in possession of a spraypant can, and a cop finds it you can and most likely will go to prison.

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