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  1. When 9-11 happened i was shocked and very angry at the ppl who did this. It was a cowardly act, but now i can realize the meaning behind the attacks. The weeks that followed the attacks i began to see a lot more patriotism and it was really awesome seeing a nation come together, but i should hav known better. It wasnt too long before ppl began to exploit the death and tragedy of ppl [ppl making false charities towards the 9-11 attacks] Also, ppl were exploiting our nations patriotism by selling collectables such as coins and flags. I've never heard of any collectables from thr Pearl Habor attack. Basically ppl are trying to get rich from the 9-11 atrocities which makes me sick. America has become a nation of greed, however i respect those who do not take granted our lifestyle. The world is filled w/poverty that the worst slums of America couldnt compare to, but yet ppl are even more greedy. O well, i guess its j/human nature or maybe American nature. Furthermore, i am sick of every channel replaying and going over the attacks over and over and over again. Im personally sick of seeing building burning, collapsing, and ppl jumping out of buildings. My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones but why wont anybody put closure on it. I'm sure they are sick being reminded and showed the day their loved ones died. Sorry about the ranting... but i was sick of my mom watching the like 10000000000000 hour 9-11 special on ABC. Which is basically the same shit over and over and nothing more than trying to grab ratings and endorse 9-11 merchandise. Man i need some bud to calm down... :D
  2. i dont think its bad that people sold flags. I think that just showed more of how america united. when i saw flags on all the house in my neighborhood and on cars and stuff it seemed to me like everyone cared.

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