9/11 a hoax????

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NeverSummer756, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. i enjoyed some of the points. but ugh. im not doing this again.
  2. lol dont EVEN get me started on this subject.... ill be up all night lol ill pretend like i never opened this thread
  3. Actaully I'm quite interested
  4. It wasn't a hoax. If it was a hoax that would imply that it never happened. It most certainly did happen, but the facts surrounding it are shaky to say the least.
  5. there are like 5 threads on this subject .... and im also going to pretend i never saw the thread cuzz i wont sleep.

  6. Seriously welcome to like 3 years ago.
  7. Let the guy realize his personal truth... it can be very fun (or scary). I, for one, am glad you found that video and chose to inform yourself sir. And attempt to share it with whoever you could at GC. A hoax is the wrong word, a conspiracy is a more fitting description. I definetly agree with you but there's nothing I can do except for not pay my taxes and smoke lots of bud and that works for me...

    Sooner or later this will all come crashing down (100000x worse than water gate) and I don't think anyone will be happy.

  8. sorry im with ferris... i just read the title and got fired up ready to start chewing someone out... haha ill pretend i never opened this

  9. haha ++ rep you have the most smart ass things to say and its hilarious haha!

    but simple as this, alot of people died on 9/11, so the facts are shakey, But people DID die so lets just not worry about anything but that lol
  10. **Awkwardly leaves thread....
  11. Mark my words REVOLUTION! Maybe not today maybe not in 100 years but I guarantee it will happen...

  12. Your the reason that the poeple who did this are getting away with it. A lot of poele were murdered they didnt just die, i for one would like to know who did it. Its finally starting to happen to with all the charilie sheen and other actors are coming out to talk , they can create the buzz that a normal person might not be able to, but we still have to know the facts
  13. dont get me started on this. i was really fucked up one night watched that then went to their site and posted all kinda crap on their message board proving it wrong.

    he makes some very good points but doesnt even bother touching up on why they couldnt have happened. (which is what i went and did in about 50 posts and 4 total hours on their message boards)

  14. IM the reason? what? are u a fuckin retard? reread what i said
  15. how can u say it was a hoex...........im an ex firefighter soon to be a paramedic and many good men and women lost their lives in 9-11
  16. wow i watched that whole thing that was very interesting. but you guys confused me
  17. i also watched the whole thing, it has some good points and i hope this does come crashing down 10,000x worse than watergate just so the people know what is going on.
  18. I think it will, but you should be scared about what will happen after it does. They spent too much time building this massive prison for us all to live in, you think they are just going to give it all up over a few buildings?

    I fear for the near future. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I have a feeling within the next 10 years our whole world is going to flip itself upside down.
  19. i havent watched it yet but it sounds like some V for vendetta shit

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