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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by littlec7821, May 25, 2009.

  1. #1 littlec7821, May 25, 2009
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    i dont have a scale (or the money for one), but anyway does this 8th look right? i got it from this dealer with like three guys with me who smoke all the time and would probably be able to tell if it was short... but im just checking because honestly i have no idea and i'd like to be able to just eyeball grams and 8ths and stuff and be able to tell what it is.

    all the nugs are really dense btw
  2. My bionic eye with the built in remote scale is in the shop sorry ;)

    Nobody can tell you. If you made me take a wild guess I'd say it's a tiny bit light, but they do look like dense buds so it could be ok.

    You can get a decent enough scale for $20. If you can afford smoke you can afford a scale.
  3. That looks like some verrry dense beasters.. I would say thats like 2.0-2.5 grams.....

    eighth is 3.5 if u didnt know.

    but u never know untill u feel the nugs or weigh it out so it very well could be a legit eighth
  4. Looks a little short to me, but it's difficult to eyeball bud when you're holding it in your hand and know how dense or fluffy it is. It's even harder from a picture.
  5. Provided that the buds are as dense as they look, the weight should be pretty accurate.
  6. ive heard of people finding like keychain scales that are like $3 where can i find something like that? like just a super cheap one cause i dont have $20.
  7. sell your body for money
  8. IMO it could be an 8th but no one can tell you for sure because we cant feel how dense the buds are but i would have to say that depending on density its probably 2.7-3.3 i just bought an 8th a few days ago that was tedering on 3.4-3.5 so im kind of using that as a comparison so as i said before its probably short but i wouldnt panic about it thats what happens when you dont have a dealer that weighs in front of you or you dont have a scale but if i were to give you an estimate of how short it is its probably .3-.5 short so if i were you i would just cut my losses and buy a scale so it doesnt happen again
  9. Dude seeing as the average price for an 8th is about 45 - 55$, I'd say 20$ isn't a bad long-term investment. Besides, I don't think a 3$ scale will be all too accurate.

    For starters, if you get the scale, since I don't think it comes with a cal weight(most don't); if you want to be sure it's close then weigh a dollar bill as it's required by federal law to weigh exactly 1 gram with an error of no more than 0.01 grams.
  10. I once more reiterate: If you can afford to buy smoke you can afford a scale.

    Have some self control and save your next $15-$20 then buy a small electronic scale.
  11. it takes me like a month to get $20, and the next $20 i get is supposed to go to shrooms (actually, the last $20 i had was supposed to go to shrooms...) and then i need a bowl because i dont have one, and now i need a scale too... no job/cant go to the bank.
  12. I'm sure there are plenty of Summer jobs available where you can make a little money. Or collect recylables, or mow some lawns...

    EDIT: Life is about choices. You make them then you live with them.
  13. i need a job so badly, i might do some work for my dad. i think he still owes me for some work i did before so maybe he'll finally pay me... he knows i smoke though so he doesnt like me to have money cause he doesnt want me spending all my money on drugs.

  14. I got $80 from cans 2 weeks ago. holla.

    have a change jar too. When you go to places take all ur change and toss it in there. If you have a TD bank near you you can go in there and get it changed to cash with no charge(like at the grocery store ones-- usually .15/$1) I buy about a 8th-1/4 every 3 months like that.

    when i was in high school i took my digi from chem class, got a triple beam also.
  15. This one is six bucks.

    [ame=] Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale 500 X 0.1 Gram: Office Products[/ame]
  16. hmm i do have an amazon gift card, but my dad sees everything i buy cause its under his email. what could i tell him its for? or i could buy something else that i could potentially use a scale with haha

    and i have a change drawer, ive never emptied it though so i have no idea how much is in there.

  17. Get a gmail account.
  18. Are cheap ones like that ^^ accurate?
  19. no like the gift card is already under my dad's email.

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