89 to 94 degrees way too hot?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by cultivation420, May 31, 2006.

  1. I have one 400W MH light in a 2 foot wide by 8 foot long and about 9 feet high closet with double sliding doors. They are still vegging, six are 6 weeks old and three are 3 weeks old. Temps are always high 80's or even more in the low 90's. Is that wayy too hot just for a week until i get it settled? Also, what could i do do ventilate it better to drop it down to the desired degrees.
  2. Imo, its fine for a week but try to get it lower asap.
  3. describe us your current vent system.
  4. What kind of strain are you growing? Bagseed or are you using breeder packs? Some strains, such as Master Kush and Afghani strains have no problem dealing with 90 degree temps, while others will just get baked.
  5. temps are hard to control in the g-room right about now when the weather starts getting hot. i too have a really hard time getting things to stay cool. recently i have bought a tempature sensor and relay from Growtronix and they should be arriving any day now. the temp senor hooks up to my computer and measures the room temps and my fan or ac is going to plug in to my relay and will turn on once my temps go up to cool things down and will turn off when temps go back down. a frined of mine has a simular set up and says it works great controling his room temps and he also has it to control his humidity too. sounds like you might want to look into it,it is not very pricey either. best of luck to you!!!
  6. you said a week, for now just move the air. If you can, circulate air from a cooler source. What happens in a week? Are you getting some kind of vent system?
  7. :smoking:it's been a little more than a week. This guy has probably had 8 harvests by now. Check those dates on posts.:wave:

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