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  1. Are these weed plants....idk if they are cause someone sold me them.?

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  2. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hope you didn't buy them thinking that was MJ :smoke:
  4. Most definitely not cannabis. Head over to the grow section and look at some examples!
  5. Great first post :D

    Welcome to the forum!

    @OP, like others have mentioned that is certainly not marijuana. Shoulda done your research first. Hope you didnt pay much for em

  6. Def not. Does not look like them in any way big or small. That looks like some sort of tree.
  7. haha im sorry but i just had to laugh, i am very empathetic towards you tho :)

    one love
  8. Please tell us how much you spent?
  9. I got it for 15
  10. Man that sucks ....y would someone do that you should take that and plant it in that guys ass
  11. This ***** gonna pay cause I'm goona go to his house today...?
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    It actually looks a lot like poison oak. Sorry bro...

    Edit: Not poison oak, I spoke too soon. Certainly not bud plant though. Still sucks.
  13. Kids smoking weed and don't even no what it looks like ......lol
  14. Killer, there was a time when you were just that ignorant! lol And me, too! :eek: None of us were born knowing what cannabis looks like! :confused_2:

    Be nice and help the kids out when you can- we were all there once! :rolleyes:

    Granny :wave:
  15. By the time I was old enough to grow my weed I new what the plant looked like
  16. Lmfao damn you should know the leaveare pointier than that but what did you do to the person that sold them to you?
  17. And I am helping hem out ii bet he's not over 18, and he doesn't need to be growing weed if he has no clue what the plant looks like then he has no clue where to plant it how to take care of it feed it dry it and if he gets busted with it he would be in a hole shit of trouble
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    Haha good looking out for him man
  19. Or he can grow on his parents land get busted his parents lose the house then there on the street his mom starts smoking crack and doing tricks for money so his dad can feed his meth habit .....lol maybe not that bad
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