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  1. who here thinks that breakfast is the best meal of the day ?
  2. hmmm nope
  3. I do, especially when my girlfriend makes me an omelet and french toast after doing a Wake n' Bake.
  4. Yeah, definitely. I never eat it though.

  5. No flavor?
  6. Aw mann.....

    I totally thought this was my new favorite thread... Then it wasn't. Damn you misleading title.
  7. breakfest is great but ima have to go with dinner. theres only so much you can do for breakfest, dinner is endless though

  8. YESS !! .. the whole point of this thread was too confuse the angry people from the last thread .....
    sorry im :bongin:

    continue with the breakfast thing tho .. its a decent conversation topic .. and it is my favourite meal ... omlets and bacon and special k are some of my favourite things lol
  9. I don't remember the last time I regularly ate organized meals. Most of the time I wouldn't even be awake to eat breakfast.

    I just eat shit throughout the day randomly.

  10. I knew it... So much hope washed down the drain with a single click. :p

    And speaking of omelets and breffast... I just made myself one earlier today. I'm never usually a fan of breakfast foods, but I was craving a ham and cheese omelet this morning. It was delicious.
  11. [​IMG]

    also these are fucking amazing ^^ ... damn i am getting hungry just thinking about this
  12. Oh yeah? Make 2 eggs in a hole, put cheese in the on top of one of them (add ham or turkey or something if you're feelin frisky)..
    Then use the other egg in hole as top of sandwich. = Egg in a hole sandwich.


    You're welcome.

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