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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Jus hit 800 posts with this post, Figured i'd holla bout it. +Rep ill be happy bout. Been here for awhile and now jus hittin this, I see people here for half the time ive been here with alot more psots then me.

    So i figured i'd celebreate.

    Im drunk asa mother fucker an gon bounce soon and go get drunker and get high and pilled out on soma.s.
  2. congrats, ill give u rep+ for always tellin the stories in the ghetto haha stick around man
  3. Happy 800th. :)
  4. Rep + cause i dont think i've ever given you rep, and you definatley deserve some by now.
  5. nice job man. i've recently gotten into the board and have probably added 50 posts in the past week! i hope to one day be with the 2000+ post guys and gals and maybe even grow! big dreams for such a busy/poor guy like myself
  6. Nice and i totally understand the need to celebrate the milestone!! I'm in the same boat!
  7. What the fuck, One of my posts got deleted because now im jus hitting 800, Again.

  8. grats on double 800 :hello:
  9. Keep Postin Reefa
  10. Congrats on 800 :D
  11. I will homie.

    I'm drunk as fuck.

    2 40's, Over a pint of whsikey, Workin on a fifth of it.

    :hello: :smoking: :hippie: :smoke: :yay: :bongin: :cool:
  12. happy 800th i always enjor reading ur posts man

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