8 x 5 x 8 are need some help on setup

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  1. Hello was wanting some insight from some more experienced individuals about starting a grow room. The room is 8ft long x 6ft wide x 8ft high. I have some supplies 400 watt hps for budding (thinking on replaceing the 400 w with a 600 digi ) and wanna use fluoroescents for cloning and veg. I have 4 48 inch cool whites for cloning and a set of 4 48 inch full spectrum bulbs for veg. ( 8 fluros total ) I have a cloning machine as well. I also have an ozone genorator to combat smell and 4 inch vortex fan + hose running to chimney to be blasted out roof. Id like to grow "sea of green" method. Can someone please let me know what else i should get for the room setup. Was also wondering how many moms i would need and how many plants for each growth stage to maximize my room size. This room will have to be used for both cloning veg/ and budding. All the walls and floor have been painted flat white. Should i turn this room into two rooms for clone/veg and a flower area? Like makeing a two shelf cabinet for moms and kids, then a seperate cabinet or box for flowering? This would be my first time trying this method so all the feedback is welcome please share your knowledge so i can set this up properly..... thanks

  2. Have you ever set up a grow room before? There's a lot of vids and grow bibles online to show you how to do all this. You're asking for a lot of info here.

    That 400w isn't going to light up a 8x5ft room. It's enough to flower 3-5 plants if you keep them small. As for vegging, 48in floros are terrible imo, they lose a lot of light because they are so long, more suited for cloning and seedlings than vegging.

    Either go w/ more CFL's for vegging, or move up to a Metal Halide.

    As far as what you want where, that's your call. In that small of a room, i'd just keep a small shelf for clones, and run it all at once then.

  3. Im only looking for suggestions, thats all

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