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  1. I want to start cloning from my mother plant, and I heard that I can use a method which lets me harvest plants every week, it works like this:

    I create a number of clones a week, say 2 clones, and the following week I create another 2, and so on for 8 weeks which by then the first clones I made will be fit to harvest the buds.
    This means that each plant takes 8 weeks to make buds from just-cloned-state, meaning that it takes a number of weeks in vegetative stage (like 4 weeks) and another amount of weeks (like 4 weeks) in flowering stage.

    Is this method correct? Will it work?
    I'm a bit of a newbie to cloning. I have experience with growing though.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. you are right in a sense. but if you are still noob, and youre dealing with all those plants, i would go 12/12 from clone, you wont get much yield from each plant, but it will be constant.
  3. No it's alright, I'll learn on the go and I always prepare myself a lot, in fact I'm doing a lot of researching at the moment so I'll be prepared for it.

    Ok, so you're saying it's possible, are you saying that I may set them at flowering stage for only 4 weeks and they'll be fit to harvest? Or do they NEED 8-10 weeks to be ready and you can't change that?
  4. depends on the strain, the plant is done when it is done, but if you are going to veg before flower, you will prolly need 3 rooms, as opposed to 2. most take about 8 weeks, thats why i say 12/12 from clone, if your dealing with that many.
  5. Oh. Shit, so it will take longer than 8 weeks total from clone if I want to vegetate before.
    How much yield per plant would I get if I flower them from clone?
  6. Yeah, thats a good idea I'd use a very fast flowering strain for this one.

  7. How fast? Can you recommend any good ones?
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    6-7 weeks as for strains im not going to make that decision for you. I'd go with like ak-47 or Romulan diesel
  9. Shit - Ok then I can either buy something like a Romulan Diesel and let the plants grow in vegetative for 1-2 weeks and then allow them to flower in 6-7 weeks - if I want to grow for 8 weeks.

    But I should be patient and grow every plant for more in vegetative stage - so the question now is: How fast do clones grow in veg state, and how much does it affect bud yeild eventually? Saying this - how long should I let my clones grow in vegetative stage?
  10. well if you know how to juggle then you should have no problem. On the other hand i would start small and then get bigger cause if you start bigg right off the bat and its your first grow you could get overwhelmed cause your gonna have some issues if your a new B but one thing i learned is the people in the city will help with proper info :hello: i can thank the people of the greatest city in the net world for my first grow:smoke:

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  11. you have to grow clones for at least 1 - 2 weeks anyway to develop a root system. They grow as well as you take care of them. Simple as that, they will put out what you put into them. I'd say they could double there size in those 1-2 weeks and then likely double - triple there size during the flowering process.
  12. Hmm.. ok, so say that theoretically I manage to grow the plant in the best conditions possible, with no environmental stress, good air circulation and perfect lumens of light, how long should the plants be before I start the flowering stage to yield about 50g or so each plant?

    And yeah, I'm learning a lot from the content on this site :) I really like this place.
  13. Jerry, thanks for the read, very nice work - gave me the idea I needed to make my setup. Bookmarked +rep
  14. You are very welcome. I absolutely find many great ideas here. At the very least, its worth the time to read and make your own intelligent decisions based on other peoples positive and negative experiences.

    I'll peek in here as I get time to check up on you...and good luck!

  15. You need to consider those weeks of vegetation. 2 weeks in 4'' pots and 2 weeks in 8'' pots. Then what I do is 30 hours of total darkness. 2 weeks of pre-flowering in 12h/12h. Then I send them to the flowering room. Check out my grow guide it's all there:smoke:

    And they need a minimum of 8 weeks of flowering if not more. Or else you'll have half ready buds and the high wont be right!

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