8 Week Old Auto Flower Plants Yellowing

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    Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if this much yellowing was normal at this point in growth. It seems that all my leaves are dying and even the bud leaves are starting to yellow.
    What do you guys think the problem could be? I am using a 600W HPS light and feeding Fox Farms Nutes. I am giving them nutes according to week 9 of the Fox Famr feeding guide, I think this could be part of the issue.
    If anyone could tell me what kind of deficiency I have and how to fix it I would really really appreciate it.
    Also how long do you think I have until harvest for the 2 in the front?
    Thanks guys.
    20141019_161612 (1).jpg
    20141019_161618 (3).jpg

  2. She looks fucking gorgeous to me man, don't see a problem... How far into flowering is she? Can't be more than a couple weeks left?
  3. Autos start to pull nutes from the fan leaves late in life. I would go easy on the nutes and flush for 2 weeks prior to harvest. BTW...you are very close to harvest and yes they look great....
  4. Looks gorgeous.
  5. Are the purps in your pics Auto Blueberry Kush?
  6. Awesome thanks a lot for the advice guys.
    How close do you think I am to flowering at this point, do you think I should start flushing them already?
    I know that 2 of the plant are more ready than the other two, maybe I'll just start flushing those and wait another week on the 2 others?
    The purple is actually Auto Fresian Dew, but the other plant with nice nugs that look more white is Auto Blueberry Kush, the smell on that plant is incredible.
  7. Any thoughts on how long till harvest for the 2 in the front??
  8. I decided to continue feeding the plants.
    I am gonna give the 2 in the front (shortest ones) one more week of feeding than stop for a week before harvest and give the 2 in the back 2 weeks of feeding before a week of for harvest.
    Does this sound about right or do you guys think I'll more more than/less than 2 weeks before the first ones are ready to be chopped?
  9. Make sure you flush for two weeks with proper ph'ed water

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  10. Do you know about how much longer I have on these plants?
    They have been growing for 8 weeks now.
    i wouldn't feed for more than 1 week
    probably harvest at 11-12 weeks in

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